Image by Sugarlove Weddings via Real Weddings / Hairpiece by Johanna Johnson

It’s always great to be able to help brides choose their hair accessories. So I thought that through writing this feature, I would be able to touch on some of the things that many were having a dilemma about and lend a (virtual) helping hand. Here are some common questions that I get asked.

I have a really big head and any type of headband hurts me even the softest ones. However I love this look how can I achieve this and still have it in keeping with my dress?

Brides choose not to wear headbands for a variety of reasons, but the thought of them hurting is one of the main reason. There are lots of different types of band that can be used so do investigate all of them before you rule them out. If you really can’t wear the headband, then it is entirely possible to have your design put onto a comb. When doing this make sure your tell your designer which side you plan to wear the comb on as this sometimes affects how the design is made.

My bridesmaids have decided to have one statement hairpin in their hair. However one of my bridesmaids has really short hair – what can I do about that?

In this case the hair pin design can be put onto a butterfly or crocodile clip, and is often a great option when styling flower girls in the same hair accessory as the bridesmaids.

My bridesmaids are wearing royal blue dresses and I would like to have hair accessories and jewellery to match that. Is that something that is possible?

Most definitely. Swarovski have a range of crystals that come in many many colours.

Hair Comb by LHG Designs

I have really soft hair and would like to wear a hair comb, but they never stay in my hair!

There are different types of combs available. The ones we use are actually looped at the end of each prong (like the one pictured above) meaning that you can use Kirby grips through them for extra security. We have consulted hairstylist and they find these types of combs great to work with. So look of for that type of comb.

I have short hair so not sure what to choose (don’t want a tiara) and don’t really want to grow my hair either!

This is a very common problem with brides who have short hair. I would recommend wearing a headband. You can have almost any design put onto a headband and if you request to have the silver band wrapped in ribbon to match your hair colour it will disappear and look like you have a comb in your hair.

Ms Gingham says: I love the idea of wrapping your headband in a ribbon to match your haircolour to camouflage it. Just another idea to achieve a different look.

About Louise from LHG Designs: “I am Louise Graham, the designer and owner of LHG Designs a bridal hair accessories brand. Having a degree in design I make sure that my creations are fashion led, wearable and unique.”