In December 2010, on the day before I was due to go home for Christmas, Hamish whisked me away on a lovely day of surprises. Hamish knew that I loved sharing special days with my family and those important to me, so, he asked my sister Chelsie, best friend Alexandra and my ‘sister from another Mister’ Katelyn to assist with the day. He had packed the car the night before, ready for a ‘Walk down Memory Lane’. He surprised me the following morning by cooking a scrumptious breakfast followed by a trip to the beach, one of my favourite places. There, Hamish cooked garlic prawns for lunch. After filling our tummies we ventured up the mountain to The Southern Highlands, where Hamish had organised an afternoon of pampering with beauty and hair appointments.


Before dinner Hamish presented me with a Leather-Bound Book. I was allowed to read this book which contained of all our letters and emails over the years, but he stopped me at the final page.

As the sun began to set we visited my favourite restaurant for dinner, The Briars, and he cooked my ‘Medium-Rare Steak’ perfectly. After dinner we took a trip around the Southern Highlands and unbeknownst to me we had a deadline which quickly disappeared when I demanded he stop the car so I could watch the ‘baby ducklings’ on the side of the road.

He took me back to where we first met. As we entered the front gate of Tudor House, Hamish pulled the car over and blind-folded the ‘at-ease‘ me. We continued to drive on a little bit. Suddenly the car pulled over. Hamish walked slowly around to my side of the car. He opened the door. Helped me out and took off the blind fold. Before me was a one hundred metre long pathway lit with lanterns and hundreds of tea lights. At the end of the candle-lit walk I was presented with my favourite Magnum – Almond. Apparently, Chelsie, Alexandra and Katelyn had lit and relit those hundreds of candles numerous times while we enjoyed dinner. They witnessed us sit down on the picnic rug and Hamish present me with my engagement ring. Cheers went out and I soon saw all the girls run out from behind the trees where they had been filming. Hugs were shared all round. The final page of the leather bound book contained a message from Hamish asking me to spend forever with him.

Photos By: Jonathan Dear, Vibrant Photography

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Ms Gingham says: The second installment of this lovely couple’s wedding journey story! I love proposal stories!

Cassandra says: “My name is Cassandra. I am 22 about to turn 23. I got married just after my 21st Birthday to the man who had been my best friend since I was eight. I am the owner of Jillian Boyd Weddings & Events, based in The Hills District of Sydney, NSW”