Australian Garden Wedding

There is something quintessentially Australian about a laid-back, relaxed outdoor wedding, where DIY reigns supreme! And when the bride also happens to own a fabulous online store with loads of goodies for making your own personal touches, the result is just beautifully bespoke!

We are lucky to be chatting to Jane from emerald + ella today, and it is no secret that we adore not only her online store, but her lovely blog (on which we have contributed a fun DIY project recently). Recipes  DIY tutorials, tips and treats abound on Jane’s blog, with plenty of inspiration for those pulling together their own DIY day! Jane is also a recipe writer/stylist who has worked for such titles as donna hay magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks, Recipes + magazine and The Sunday Telegraph. We couldn’t wait to sit down and chat about her own wedding over a glass of (virtual) bubbles.

Tell us about your wedding!

Our wedding was a very laid-back affair on the only sunny day in a rainy two week period last year! We had our ceremony on the beach under a big pohutukawa tree on Waiheke Island (NZ) and then ambled with our guests down the road to a friend’s barn for the reception. It was a day filled with good friends, family, laughter, dancing, food and wine.



 What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

Hmmm are we talking good or bad?! Definitely the most memorable not-so-great bit was the lack of organisation on my supplier’s behalves. I had confirmed every supplier at least 4 times but each one still managed to get things confused. Whether it be the lighting going missing, or the wrong flower order, or the wrong marquee size/shape turning up a day late, it was all a bit chaotic. But that’s Waiheke for you!

The most memorable best bit, well I don’t know that there was one exact moment in time, but rather just the whole atmosphere of the day. It’s hard to describe really but it just felt like every person there was exuding such good wishes for us both and I felt surrounded by happiness and love. Too cheesy? Sorry but it’s true!



 If you could change one thing, what would it be?

Well I wish I had tasted the paella! I was too busy chatting and having fun and forgot to try all the food. Other than that the day went better than I could have hoped for.


Who are your favourite vendors?

Well obviously the people we used were NZ vendors, and I couldn’t recommend some of them enough, particularly Dragonfired pizza (pizza truck – and Chocolate Fish.

In terms of other suppliers, Etsy is a definite go-to for all brides.

Two shops I bought from on Etsy were Ready Go Wedding Co. ( where I got a customised cake topper and Mignonne Handmade ( where I got a floral headpiece.

 I also used a number of products from my own shop  emerald + ella such as kraft bags, striped and jute twine, eco plates, wooden cutlery etc.




What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

Make sure the day represents you as a couple. I have seen a few friends in past years plan a wedding according to how their parents or parents-in-law would like it and it ends up being an effort rather than a joy on the day. People also seem to enjoy a wedding more when they feel it is genuine and true to you.