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I tell you what, when it comes to hair and its upkeep, no one needs more help than me. This is not to say that I don’t take pride or interest in my hair, but it is frustratingly thin and straight, which means any attempts to style leave it quite limp and sad. BUT – isn’t this something that we all struggle with? Aren’t we all doomed to wish our hair was the opposite of what we have? One woman who has helped me change the way I think about my locks is the gorgeous Christina from the must-read blog, Hair Romance.

With tips, tricks, tutorials and all sorts of hair wisdom, I’ve not only become more confident with my hair, but I’m now also armed with an array of braids that have worked their way into my daily style. I couldn’t wait to hear all about Christina’s wedding day, and, of course, to gush over her hair!

We shared a glass of (virtual) bubbles with Christina, and she shares her wonderful memories and advice with us all today.

Tell us about your Wedding!

We tied the knot on March 8th 2009. We didn’t want a huge wedding and wanted to get married at the same venue so we could spend more time with our friends and family.

You’d have thought finding a venue in Sydney would be quite easy. It’s such a beautiful city. But it took us a really long time to find exactly what we were looking for. Gunner’s Barracks overlooks Sydney Harbour from the cliffs and is just a stunning place.

On the day of the wedding, everything was going perfectly to plan. Everyone was on time, we had everything planned and set up. Even the weather looked like it was on our side. Then, at about 2pm, the heavens opened. It rained so hard, people coming the few steps down from the car park to the venue were completely soaked.

We had organised for the ceremony to be outside in the courtyard, but we ended up having it on the covered verandah. The awning roof was good but nothing would have stood up against this rain. Drips started coming through and one even hit the celebrant’s microphone and shorted it!

The funny thing is, it didn’t seem to make any difference. In fact, we think it made the day somehow more memorable. It certainly kept everyone from wandering off! Apart from the rain, the day was just perfect. The ceremony, the food, the speeches, everything.

Rather than cut a cake we cut a giant wheel of cheese. I’m not a fan of fruitcake and the venue had delicious desserts so we decided to have a tiered cheese platter for our wedding cake.

My wedding was even more special because, at the time, my dad was very sick but was still able to give me away. Though I don’t think anything would have stopped him from being there. He started chemo the very next day.

The memory of my wedding day will be one of those memories that will stay with me forever. It was very special.

Australian Winter Wedding

Australian WEdding

hair Romance Wedding

What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

It was the first time we’d had all our family and friends in the one room. Jim’s family came over from England and it was wonderful to have everyone together. My girlfriend even surprised me by secretly flying back at the last minute and I only spotted her during the ceremony. We had a photobooth which was so much fun, and I love all the moments captured in there during the night.


If you could change one thing, what would it be?

It would have been nice to have a sunny day, but the rain made our wedding even more memorable. And it’s supposed to lucky, right? 

Australian Winter WEdding

Who are your favourite vendors?

Dean & the team at Inlighten Photography are fantastic! Dean had a boot full of white umbrellas to save the day when the rain started and captured some beautiful candid moments of our day.

Our venue, The Gunners Barracks, made everything easy and the day ran perfectly.

Also Christina Hay of  is so creative and designed our beautiful bouquets and the hanging displays.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

Enjoy the planning process. The day goes by so quickly but the personal touches you add make it more fun and memorable.

Everyone will have an opinion about how to plan your day but don’t sweat the small stuff. Pick three things you really care about and let others worry about the rest.

Make sure you spend time with your partner. Sneak a moment away just the two of you to really take it all in. Have fun!

Hair Romance Wedding

Such fantastic advice from a bride that didn’t let a rain ruin her day. And what is worse for hair than rain!? I’ve so loved hearing about Christina’s beautiful wedding, and we can’t thank her enough for her wonderful advice and memories. To get your own hair-love on, and harness your mane’s potential with easy DIY tutorials and hair product styling advice, bookmark Christina’s fabulous blog Hair Romance!

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