The world has changed for the better… simple, boring, black and white weddings are no more! We have entered into a world where a wedding couple can design their own colorful and unique wedding that represents them.

This week one of our amazing Cloud Parade shop owners (typologie and co) teamed up with us to make this cute DIY tutorial. These cute flags are simple, but add soooo much character and color to any wedding. You can put them on your wedding cake, in individual cupcakes, use them as table decor, or even attach guests names and table numbers to them.

You will need

  • sticker ribbon
  • scissors
  • toothpicks

Step 1

Cut three 6 inch strips of ribbon.

Step 2.

Remove the ribbons plastic backing. Carefully fold ribbon over one end of the toothpick.

Step 5

Once complete make a “V” cut in the end of the folded ribbon. Each flag should look as shown below.

Photography by Your Cloud Parade

Ms Gingham says: Simple, effective, perfect!

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