Naomi and Rob

Ah the beauty of a backyard wedding. Nothing quite beats the feeling of marrying somewhere where one day you’re pottering in the garden, the next, getting married! Naomi and Robb married in Naomi’s sister’s backyard and had a ball. Just the way it should be!

Naomi tells their story. “Rob and I met at a pub in Claremont. A girlfriend of mine was having a bad day so I decided to take her out for a few drinks and a dance, a bit of a girls night out. While returning from the bar, I was stopped by a man with a cheesy one-liner about when we were going to run away to get married. Despite the cheesy-ness we chatted for a short while and he introduced me to some of his friends. He then invited me to go with him and his friends, who were wishing to leave. I declined, choosing to stay at the pub with my girlfriend. After he left I noticed one of his friends had been left behind so I invited him to join our group (my friend was now chatting with a guy too). I remember him wearing a red shirt and thinking, “He’s pretty cute.” Much more softly spoken than his more boisterous and confident friend, he introduced himself as ‘Rob’ and taken by the ease of conversation and his good looks, I thought that Rob seemed different to any guy I’d met before.”

Christine Lim Photography captured the fun and intimacy of today’s celebrations!

Naomi chose a gown from Em Boutique with shoes from Zu Shoes.

The flowers and styling were done by Naomi’s sister. Naomi tells, “I was also lucky enough to have my younger sister starting her floristry business (Flower Opera) and after giving her a general idea of colours and style for flowers, I was delighted with the gorgeous creations she made. We also wrapped the stems of the bouquets with lace from my mother’s wedding veil.”

Naomi walked down the aisle to Jack Johnson – Angel.

Naomi says “Our wedding was relaxed, family-focused and nature/outdoor-inspired. ”

Of their photographer, Naomi says, “Christine was wonderful. Rob and I did not want posed or portrait photos and really wanted the photos to tell a story of the day. We requested that ‘moments’ be captured rather than structured shots. Christine did all this and more. Christine worked brilliantly to capture moments that really show the atmosphere and happiness of the day. I had numerous comments from friends and family after the wedding saying how lovely she was and how unobtrusive Christine was in getting the photos. As a result we now have beautiful, natural, relaxed photos to remember our special day.”

The groom was in for a surprise, Naomi telling. “After 2 yrs of wearing braces and undergoing jaw surgery, I was lucky enough to have the removal of my braces scheduled for the day before our wedding. I decided to keep this as a surprise for Rob, feeling certain he would have a pleasant shock seeing me smiling, with no braces on my teeth, as I walked down the aisle. On the day, I walked down the aisle, a massive smile on my face as Rob smiled back at me. Finding a moment to whisper to Rob during the signing of the documents, I asked if he’d noticed anything different about me. After a moment he said, to my surprise, ‘No’! When I pointed out the missing braces Rob was stunned and could not stop staring at my teeth, a big smile on his face. The look of surprise was priceless and later on I was told by friends and family that they could pick the moment he found out just based on the look on his face. After complaining about being kept away from me for the day prior to our wedding, Rob now understood and said he was very happy to have the surprise.”

Naomi included her mother in every way she could, including her jewels. She explains, “The special details of the wedding for me relate to personal or family connections. For example, my necklace and bracelet were my mother’s, who passed away 8 yrs ago, while my earrings were given to me by my father as a university graduation present. I have a long-time and close friend, Chris (Christos Jewellery), who I had always wanted to make my wedding rings. Working with Rob and I, he helped us design exactly what we wanted and we couldn’t have been happier with them.”

Salt on the Beach, North Fremantle was chosen for the couple’s “post ceremony” celebration.

Naomi remarks, “Due to a very tight budget I did DIY for the invites, decorations, cake and cupcakes, cake topper, signs, wedding/guest book, wedding favours and make up. ”

For favors, Naomi tells “To go with my homemade bath salts, Rob’s father, David (Print Partners) kindly made and donated printed tins of mints (jelly beans for the kids) that he designed and printed with our names and the wedding date. Being able to know that people we loved had helped in the creation of our special day was very important to Rob and I. It made the day that much more special and intimate.”

Congratulations Naomi and Rob! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Christine Lim Photography for sharing today’s photographs!