You’re engaged! Congratulations – you now have 365 choices for your wedding date (or 366 if you’re lucky!).

First steps in narrowing this field down… you need to discuss what type of wedding you have both imagined. The outcomes of this discussion will be a determining factor on when to hold your wedding. They could be related to season, budget, practicality, or even availability of the elusive peony!

For instance, you may want to consider some of the following subjects:

Budget – How long will you need to save? Unless you’ve already started a wedding fund, it may be a good idea to start a rough budget and seriously consider what you are able to afford and when.

Planning TimeHow do you imagine your wedding planning? Some may need a year or more to decide on what you want and not make any hasty decisions. Others may want a short engagement and can quickly make bookings and arrangements.

AvailabilityIf you have your heart set on a certain photographer, band, or chapel, then make sure they are available first. Some venues can be booked out on key dates a year in advance so check their availability.


Image by Vellum Studios

Significant DateYou may like a date based on your first date, first kiss, date of engagement, your parent’s anniversary etc. These are significant dates between the two of you and hold a degree of sentimentalism.

Special HolidaysYou may like to hold your wedding on a special holiday such as Valentine’s Day, a long weekend, New Year’s Eve, or when you’ll get a front row seat to free fireworks (e.g. Brisbane Riverfire).

Peak SeasonsSaturdays are the most popular day for a wedding, and peak wedding seasons are generally around March-April and September-October. Late November and December are peak Christmas months too which generally see venues with higher minimum spend or room hire.

HoneymoonYou may need to fit your wedding date in with your honeymoon destination. Consider the weather in the place you are planning to honeymoon or if its peak tourist season as these factors can affect what you do and how much you spend.

Flowers Blooms are beautiful, but only if you can get them at the right time. If your bouquets or centrepieces are deciding factors then speak with a florist to get a low-down on seasonal wedding flowers or possible substitutions.


Image by Vellum Studios

AttireIf you have imagined a black tie or formal wedding, then winter may be best so guests aren’t sweltering in full suits or long dresses. Similarly, if cocktail style is what you’ve pictured, then warmer weather would be more suitable.

PracticalityIf studying or a teacher, you may want to work in with university holidays or school breaks. Not only will you not have to worry about rescheduling exams or finding a relief teacher, but your university or employer will be happier to give you the time off.

Out of Town GuestsAllow enough time for overseas or interstate guests to start saving. Flights and accommodation can be costly, so announcing your wedding in a few months time may not guarantee too many overseas visitors.

SchedulesIt can be wise to discuss with your immediate family and prospective bridal party their schedules. Whilst trying to work around everyone may prove to be a nightmare, ensuring your nearest and dearest can be there is a must.

Lastly, whilst I completely understand the wish to have a not-too-hot yet not-too-cold perfect wedding day, it’s important to remember that Australian weather can be unpredictable and so you may end up with a sunny winter’s day or a summer storm brewing anyway. If your best intentions unravel at least they will make for great memories!


 Image by Katie Takes a Picture