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When sitting down for your pre-wedding hair trial, why not ask your stylist to show you how to create an ultra-pretty honeymoon hairstyle too? It’s worth remembering that the honeymoon is also time to shine and you can avoid having boring ponytails in every honeymoon picture.

Some recommendations of great beach spray hair products that give that fabulous salty-breeze, on-vacation texture to your hair are Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray and Evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray. It’s important to try the products before your honeymoon, since you always want to test any beachy-sprays before packing them for your getaway. Moroccanoil® Treatment can be your solution to high humidity of some tropical destinations, especially if you already use frizz-freeing products in your everyday look.

Travel Tip: Now, we know that airlines have strict rules about liquids in carry-on bags, allowing only the tiniest ounces of any kind of product. I’ve stood at the security station while the customs agents threw out hundreds of dollars worth of beauty supplies plucked from travelers’ bags. So always pack them away in your luggage, secured in sealable plastic bags. I’d double-bag them, since the pressure issues of air flights can cause products to leak. Just a smart tip to protect your product investments.

Now, about hair accessories: a hat is always a fabulous look, and is featured in many of the top brands’ collections for this year’s holiday makers, so pick one up before you fly rather than paying a fortune for one at the resort gift shop. Hair accessories are something fun that you can shop for on your honeymoon though. Why not buy a fab little hair clip that you’ll wear during your honeymoon and wear many, many times after you get home, with it always reminding you of your ultra-romantic getaway?

And then there’s the tropical flower tucked behind your ear. Here’s a warning: you might think it’s romantic and dreamy to pick a flower from a tree and tuck it behind your ear, but some island flowers can ooze with their natural juices, some with a milky, sticky substance, which does not turn out well. And some flowers have micro-small little island bugs deep within their curls. So don’t risk it with an island-picked flower unless you take it back to the room, wash it well, let it drain of its juices, dry it, and inspect it well before you do add it to your honeymoon hair look. I know, that sounds a little over-the-top, but trust me. Just trust me. The milky ooze from a flower is really disgusting. But when you prep a flower first, the look is honeymoon heavenly.

Avoid using too much product while on your honeymoon, and skip the heavy-hold hair sprays that can attract bugs and just make your hair crunchy, not smooth and silky to the touch. Accept that your hair is going to get wind-tossed and plan your styles for the climate of your destination.

In addition to some expert tips, seek out sample vacation hairstyles on Pinterest or check out some hair blogs with great simple tutorials that you can practice before you fly! You’re going to look amazing, in person and in those fabulous photos.

Ms Gingham says: Great travel tip!! Shampoos and conditioners in addition to styling products leak with the cabin pressure on flights too so make sure you double bag everything in snap lock bags.

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