Gemma and Quentin

Some say, why have engagement photos? Why show them? To that I say – love. Love is why we show them, love is why I adore them. See, engagement photos are never a necessity but there is a certain glow that comes with them, capturing that incredible period of your life where you have taken the big step of becoming engaged. For those brief moments where there is no stress, no expectations, just the beauty of being in love and having decided that yes, this awesome person is your forever person.  Sometimes when the wedding hullabaloo seeps into every part of life, it’s nice to stop and just return to that space where it’s all about that special step and that feeling that still gives me goosebumps.

So with that, I love the engagement photos of Gemma and Quentin by photographer Sarah Tonkin– they are relaxed, they are joy filled and in each photo you can tell that these two are head over heels for each other and that? That is why I love engagement photographs.

Gemma tells, “We met in London 6 years ago. We were next door neighbours in the same apartment block. I was the girl next door!”

“We were engaged during a trip to Singapore on the top of Mt Faber overlooking the city. He managed to make it a surprise after all these years and did it “properly” by asking permission from my parents and got down on one knee.”

Gemma and Quentin had their engagement photographs at Mounts Bay Road, Perth. Gemma explaining, “Since Quentin is still new to Perth, we didn’t have any special “couple spots”. As such, when Sarah suggested this location, we thought it sounded ideal as we were after something outdoors surrounded by trees.”