Hello Dotettes!

I have an easy, fun DIY for you today: a decoupaged patterned egg. Paired with an egg cup and little name tag it’s perfect for a wedding that’s over Easter or a Spring wedding with themes of bunnies or birds.

It’s even simple and inexpensive enough that you could pull this look together for a lovely homecooked lunch this Easter.




1. Paint egg with white paint, using two or three coats until covered evenly.

2. Separate layers of paper serviette until you are left with a single ply of the patterned layer.

3. Spread a small amount of Mod Podge on the surface of the egg using the paintbrush.

4. Tear off a small section of napkin and adhere to Mod Podge.

5. Paste the napkin piece down using Mod Podge until smooth. Repeat until egg is covered in paper. Cover with two coats of Mod Podge, allowing to dry thoroughly between coats.


Guests can keep their egg cups as practical favours and they will cherish the cute patterned egg as an Easter decoration for years to come.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Ms Gingham says: Too cute! I love the variation on the “love birds” theme and the idea of a gorgeous egg cup as a favor!

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