Working in the wedding industry, the one thing I hear time and time again that makes me cringe are the words “I don’t want to spend a lot of money on my invitations because they are just a thing that people will throw away”. If I had ten cents for every time I heard this I would never have to work again.

Your invitations are such an important part of your wedding day because they are the first thing your guests will see so they set the tone of what your guests are to expect on your special day. Your invitation should exude the theme of your event. For example, the couple who love to travel, might theme their stationery around it by using boarding passes and world maps for invitations, naming tables at the reception after countries and giving guests little lolly filled suitcases at the end of the night! The more personal your stationery, the more apparent it will be to your guests that you have put your whole heart into your event.

You can even introduce special touches to your event like these daffodil bonboniere cards (pictured above) which were created as a touching memory to the Bride’s mother who passed away from Cancer.

Some tips to help you on your way:

  • Have a clear cut vision – too many ideas will clutter your brain.
  • Make an inspiration board – collect and organise pictures and colours that you love.
  • If you decide to DIY, have patience it may take you a few times to get that bow exactly how you want it; and
  • Be original and creative. If you’re working with a professional stationer then this job is done for you but if you decide to DIY, don’t copy a design you have seen else where just because you do not want to spend the money, alter it so that you can proudly call it your own.

If there is one final thing to remember it is to have fun on your wedding day, take it all in and remember to breathe.

Images by More Than Paper


Ms Gingham says: It truly is “more than paper”. The stationery can reflect your personalities, what your likes are and what guests can expect from your day. Happy designing!

Lisa from More Than Paper says: “I love this industry, the beauty and opulence is what makes a wedding so special. I love the feed back from clients that I have helped in making their day a special one and finally, I believe that you can only go where your mind takes you, there are no boundaries to creativity and inspiration. If something is no doable, your stationer will tell you.”