striped heart chocolates

Just a little bite sized piece of heaven – chocolate of course makes the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to share with someone you love.

heart stripey chocolates

You will need:

– heart shaped mold – we bought ours from Ikea

– white chocolate buttons

– dark chocolate

– small foil paper cups from Spotlight or the supermarket

– cotton buds to wipe up spillages on the mold edges

– Optional – chocolate flavouring such as peppermint

stripey chocolate tutorial

Melt the white chocolate, either in the microwave (on a low power setting) for one minute at a time, or in a dish over a pot of boiling water. Tip: Make sure that no drops of water or steam fall into the chocolate when melting. Check often and stir to see if the chocolate has melted. Using a teaspoon put a little chocolate in the bottom of your mold. Leave to set, or pop it into the fridge to speed up the process. Add your flavouring if using, a drop at a time – to your desired taste.

heart shaped chocolates

Melt your dark chocolate and put a little on top of the first white layer. Again, set this layer thoroughly. Keep layering your chocolate – white and then dark, until your molds are full. Set until they are firm. Put into pretty foil paper cups to serve. Tip: tap the mold gently on your bench surface to ensure that the chocolate goes right to the edges of each shape and there are no air bubbles (otherwise you’ll have ragged edges on your chocolates and try to be tidy so that your stripes look crisp – harder than it looks!)

valentines heart chocolates

If you like, you could add flavouring to the chocolate – such as orange or peppermint to give your chocolates an delicious unexpected twist!