Want a feature to decorate your ceremony, photobooth or dessert table? Looking for a backdrop for an engagement shoot? This simple heart backdrop is just for you!

You will need:

  • Pre cut felt hearts in various sizes (I got mine from Riot Art & Craft)
  • Ribbon in desired colours and widths. You can really go to town here!
  • A length of timber dowel
  • Fishing wire
  • Thread in desired colour

Step 1.

Arrange your shapes so that they’re on hand and easy to grab. Start sewing down the centre of each piece of thread on a low tension. Make sure you reverse back over your work when starting and  finishing.

Step 2.

When it comes time to add another piece on, sew about an inch without any fabric. This will create a woven thread. Add your next piece on and keep sewing.

Step 3.

Take a piece of ribbon and fold gently in half. Sew onto the first heart. This will form a loop for you to hang your garland off.

Step 4.

Make as many as you like and arrange on the dowel with some lengths of ribbon.

Hang where you like. Outdoors is particularly effective when the breeze takes the ribbons and makes them sway. Use the fishing wire to hang off ceilings or instead of dowel, hang the lengths off fishing wire and string them between two columns or trees!

Photography by Ms Gingham