Today’s styled shoot, not only shows off the three beautiful gowns (by Karen Willis Holmes and Arushie Bridal) but also lead the mind to wander.

Styled by Whisper Events and photographed by Amelia Soegijono from Pictures and Hearts , today’s shoot is entitled “Lost In Time” and plays off the concept of feeling lost in time when you’re with the love of your life.

Amelia says, “The “Lost In Time” concept is a shoot which puts the subject in a serious of unique and adventitious setting, comparing ‘being in love’ to the feeling that of being lost in time with the love of your life. A traveller, lost, going through time, experiencing wonderful and strange encounters on their journey, as most lovers would agree.”

Michael of Whisper Events says, “The inspiration behind the shoot was from wanting to take risks. As a wedding planner and stylist, a desire to showcase this idea to the world was so momentous; Since being great at what you do means as being good as your team you work with, so I contacted a group of talented vendors I trust to be part of this project. Mamre Homestead was the venue that we chose. It screamed of vintage glamour and whispered a little old country home. But the essence of the inspiration behind lost in time was when we saw the rusty teal carriages. It was perfect for the idea of travelling across time to the vintage world.”

“Photographically, it worked a treat as a backdrop for the amazingly luscious Arushie Bridal blush couture. The Karen Willis Holmes gowns draped elegantly on our model Elizabeth Rogers displayed a graceful elegance to the delight of the lens. The trees and Mother Nature, the grass and the ambiance, elevated the majestic designer gowns from both our utmost favourite dress makers, to its ultimate glory. Lyndle and her team at Hair On The Move 2 You transformed the Elizabeth into an elegant princess. The highly talented Shannon Meddings styled  Elizabeth and to give our story more flare and substance, she created this amazing and exceptionally crafted headpiece that is one of the most magical elements of this shoot.”

“To complete the story, us at Whisper Events, decided to use clocks for the obvious reasons of time and frames as you normally frame pictures that have captured a moment in time forever to style with as props. Along with aspects of vintage feel and obscure items to give that “Twilight Zone” perception, to convince our audience that being blindly in love is like being lost in time forever. Whisper Blooms finished the look with strange but lovely bouquet to mark the occasion was added to seduce our brides and to dare them to be different. As the saying goes… leaving the best for last, no one could have told this story as well as we have without the amazing skills and natural flare of Pictures and Hearts. Amelia from Pictures and Hearts, being one of the industry leaders in her field of wedding and fashion photography, graciously believed in this project and came on board to make this magic happen. Her work and her style of shooting inspired us to work outside of our comfort zone, go a little further than we usually would, try different things, and tell the story a little differently.”