Gosh i loved Ali-Breeze and Chris’ Vintage Inspired Brisbane Wedding, so I was thrilled to read Ali-Breeze’s words of wisdom for future brides!”Any extra time, effort or money you put into the comfort of your guests won’t ever be wasted. We put on a simple afternoon tea between the ceremony and the reception; it let people mingle and we also knew they wouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach.”

“Transport for guests is a fantastic investment if your venues are far apart or out of the way. We put buses on to take our friends and family to the reception and back to the city at the end of the night and it was lovely to see people relaxing without having to worry about driving.”

“Don’t have multiple photo locations if you can avoid it – it just sucks up travel time and wears you out. We were so glad we stuck to the Great Hall (although we did drop in to our house on the way to the reception to get a picture or two with our dog, Poppy!)”

“Underestimate your numbers to your venue by at least five – you can always revise upwards in the last day or so if you need to. We were shocked by how many people couldn’t make it at the last minute for reasons ranging from back injuries to babysitting cold feet.”

“Consider getting speeches out of the way early; people are so much more relaxed once their trial by podium is over! Also, make sure your MC knows to check that you and your husband are there and ready before he or she gets started – I was still in the bathroom getting my dress bustled when the speeches began!”

“DIY and crafting details for your wedding is not always or even usually cheaper; you can buy invitations much cheaper than you can make them, for example. What you can’t do is have bespoke invitations designed and made for the price you can make them yourself, so it’s worth getting into the ink and spray glue if you want to create something truly unique.”

“No matter how well you think you know your friends and family, at least one person is guaranteed to get drunk and very, very messy – and it’s all part of the fun!”

Photos by You Can’t Be Serious.