I am so beyond tickled pink that today has arrived – Valentines Day! Recently I worked with Victoria Cameron on the idea that the incredible Valentine’s Day inspiration we see is very much tailored to Northern hemisphere, cold weather celebrations. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like that, we embrace warm days, beautiful Australian blooms and the fun of Summer events like picnics, lying under a star lit sky and sun baking on the beach. It’s a different celebration and I think, requires different inspiration.

Victoria pulled together an incredible team (including Byron Loves Fawn, White Ivy Design, Epic Empire, Covered, Lemon Canary, Jocelyn’s Provisions & Grace Loves Lace) and created this incredible Australian Valentines Day shoot just for us! They have captured an Australian summer romance so beautifully – from the Australian natives mixed with the vivid red Valentine romance of bright reds. To the flowers spilling out of golden vessels, to my favourite, favourite part- the polka dot canopy!

Victoria tells of the inspiration behind this divine shoot. “With Valentine’s Day the inspiration behind this shoot it was a no-brainer to create a “sweethearts” setting for two. Key words in the creative brief were “Australian” and “summer” but I also wanted this shoot to have a more youthful feel…something that celebrated young love.”

Grace Loves Lace provided the beautiful “Loren” gown.”

“Bold flowers (by White Ivy Design) were mixed with those in brighter hues to bring depth to the colour palette and also touch on the traditional (or go-to) colours for Valentine’s Day, red and pink but in an expected manner. Natives were also incorporated in the floral designs, a nod to the Australian style of the shoot.”

“With the playful and youthful feeling in mind  the sheer polka dot fabric canopy was introduced which gives the setting a more playful/lighthearted feel and is also an ode to Polka Dot Bride.”

Lemon Canary provided three hand-poured scented candles which made the setting even more romantic.”

Jocelyn’s Provisions (a foodie’s haven and a Brisbane institution!) provided all of the desserts and sweet treats for the picnic setting.”