So you’re in a band and you have a big important show booked, it’s totally gigantic, all the important people will be there, the anticipation is intense! What do you do for the months before? You rehearse right, so there’s no secrets when you walk on stage.

It’s the same with your wedding; you have dress fittings, trial hair and makeup, test tastings for your catering and cake, suit fitting and a ceremony rehearsal but what about your photography?

My personal favourite locations are outdoors in nature, epic trees or fields of wheat or rice, anything with natural colours and the best time of day is the afternoon, photographers call it the golden hour, the hour before the sun goes down. We sometimes go to locations that the couple plan to go on their wedding day, or we focus on getting a great picture for their thank you cards, framed pictures on the tables at your reception look cool to. There are plenty of good reasons to get dressed up and go out with the love of your life and have some beautiful photos taken.

Images by Corey E Sleap Photographer

Ms Gingham says: Many photographers will package the engagement or pre wedding shoot into their wedding packages and it’s such a great way to get to know your photographer and feel comfortable on your day.

About Corey: “I picked up a camera after a trip to Thailand, working in rehabilitation homes for children rescued from brothels. I was so moved by the work there that I decided to try use my creativity to help paint the picture for people at home about what is going on over there. My good friend Dj saw my work and took me under his wing. I started photographing weddings with him and when he moved to Queensland I stepped out on my own.”