Image and Limousines from Fleetwood Chauffered Limousines via Bride Online

So as a groom there are a few areas of the wedding that are meant to be your domain. Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with this sentiment, I am a bit of a car person and I know many blokes are.

Some of you will have very definite ideas about what you want to do for your wedding cars, and some of you have no idea.

Over the next little while I’m going to go through a few of the different genres of wedding transport that you may have already seen and some that you might not have thought about.

Lets start off with the most obvious of the wedding cars, the limousine.

Now because the Limo has so many different uses than just for weddings, they will be pretty readily available. You can find them just about anywhere. One of the benefits to having a limo is the ability to fit a reasonably large bridal party into the one vehicle.

There are plenty of different limo’s available for all number of genres. So you can have your limo with a crossover into something else. The modern limo will be the easiest to hire, and will offer the latest in all the creature comforts.

Modern Limousine from Metro Limo

Classic limo’s will give you the space and comfort with the feel of yesteryear.

Classic Limousine from Fleetwood Chauffered Limousines via Bride Online