Cake by Leticia of Cake Face

Today Polka Dot Bride turns six.

A mere birthday you might think, but today is so much more. (and let’s begin my annual speech.. drafted of course on New Year’s Day).

I grew up collecting wedding magazines. I remember the first time my mother’s friend gave me one after she got married. I still have it (Mode Brides!) and I remember pouring over each and every page. I remember another of our family friends getting married and cutting out silver stars to hang at the reception. I remember spending hours at my dad’s office on a Sunday photocopying my favourite pages of magazines before I had to return them to the library.

Polka Dot Bride came out of this – it came out of a love of all the beautiful elements that come together to create a wedding and a thus a marriage. It came out of that ultimate – the love of two people who just want to shout it from the rooftops and proclaim it to the world.

Normally I celebrate the birthday with some pink champagne and a toast. Today the polka dots and the patterned people are headed to a park for champagne and cake. Suddenly, last year I realised that this little blog has become something so much bigger than my love of weddings. It’s become so much bigger than just me. The patterned people help me realise my dreams each and every day and my dream of what I want to produce for you. They share my vision in creating a safe space for whatever wedding you want to create. Without fear or judgement and they laugh, groan and share the milestones. I am extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic team supporting this site and building it with me. To our patterned people who work in other States of Australia for us, who give us wonderful content and who go the extra mile (literally) for us – thank you. Mr Polka, my favourite patterned person of all, drags me through it when I feel like I can’t move. Who reminds me of the bigger picture when I am stuck on one tiny thing. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and that ever happened to Polka Dot Bride. He deserves much more credit that I could ever give to his beautiful soul.

So today, I ordered a cake, I bought bubbles and I’ve got polka dot helium balloons and as you read this we’ll be toasting in the sunshine with the patterned children running around our legs (or toddling!) and celebrating together. Just as it should be.

More thank you’s? Don’t mind if I do – advertisers, our freaking out of this world amazing advertisers, allow us to do what we do every day by supporting us. Some have been with us for the entire journey, others are just starting the new year with a new beginning. We treasure each one who allows us the freedom to produce daily, twice daily and sometimes eighth daily content for you. We love them and we love when you touch on their creativity for your own weddings- it makes the world a better place!

Dotties…. our readers, drive me, drive us to produce content, to get out of bed and create, to come up with new ideas and new content and to keep going each and every day. I love, love love meeting you, hearing your problems, concerns and seeing your names in my inbox. I am so grateful that with all the fantastic wedding resources out there you choose us and you support and post and write and leave comments and interact and click on our advertisers which ultimately lets us do what we do. You are my delight and the champagne in my glass. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you being awesome.

2013 is a big year for Polka Dot Bride. We have brand new visions to execute, new people joining us, new voices to be heard. It’s time for the next step on our journey and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re officially past toddler hood and officially into growing up. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.