Pegah & Michael

Today’s wedding makes me homesick for Greece and I’m not even Greek, I just listen to Ms Gingham’s incredible stories and pore over her holiday snaps! I absolutely love today’s destination wedding- it embodies everything about Greece that I dream of. The beauty of the crisp white and blue against the rough clifftops, dancing, incredible traditions and wild, passionate love.

Chris, the wedding photographer today tells the couple’s story .”They met in Australia, Michael is British, Pegah is Australian with Persian roots. Michael was traveling. ” Chris, of Chris Spira Photography captured today’s photographer with rich colours, romantic shots and plenty of beauty.

Weddings in Santorini planned the wedding, with the event being held at La Maltese in Imerovigli.

Pegah walked down the aisle to Desiree’s “Kissing You”.

The ceremony had Persian influences, Sufi readings by Pegah’s Dad, Persian rituals like displaying a mirror,  a tray of seven multi-colored herbs and spices, and a basket of decorated eggs and a basket of decorated almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts in the shell to symbolize fertility. A basket of pomegranates and/or apples for a joyous future. Pomegranates are considered heavenly fruits and apples symbolize the divine creation of mankind. A cup of rose water extracted from special Persian roses “Gol-e Mohammadi” to perfume the air. A bowl made out of crystallized sugar “Kaas-e Nabaat/Shaakh-e Nabaat” to sweeten life for the newly wed. A brazier “Manghal” holding burning coals sprinkled with wild rue “Espand” a popular incense. Wild rue is used in many Zoroastrian ceremonies, rituals and purification rites. It is believed to keep the evil eye away and bring on plenty of health. A bowl of gold coins representing wealth and prosperity. A scarf or shawl made out of silk or any other fine fabric to be held over the bride and bridegroom’s head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives (mostly bride’s close family members). Two sugar cones “Kalleh Ghand” made out of hardened sugar to be used during the ceremony. These sugar cones are ground together above the bride and bridegroom’s head (over the scarf held above their heads) throughout the ceremony to shower them in sugar (symbolizing sweetness and happiness). A cup of honey to sweeten life. Immediately after the couple is married they each should dip one pinky finger in the cup of honey and feed it to the other one. A needle and seven strands of colored thread to figuratively sew up the mother-in-law’s lips from speaking unpleasant words to the bride! The shawl that is held above the couple’s head throughout the ceremony is sewed in one corner by the needle and threads. The site was decorated by the family of Pegah who flew all the goods in from Iran.”

Of their photographer, Pegah says “The shots are just magic and we absolutely love them. Chris really captured the feel of our wedding so well and he’s incredibly talented.”

Congratulations on your marriage Pegah and Michael! Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! Thank you also to Chris Spira Photography for sharing today’s photographs!