Justine and Sam’s Mornington Peninsula Engagement Photos

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Justine & Sam

Today’s beautiful engagement shoot captures everything I love about the coast in winter. There’s a moodiness with the combination of sky, water and bitter cold wind. The sense of being together though? that’s romance! Today’s engagement photographs of Justine and Sam has been captured by Fifteen Photography on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Their story? One that I never thought would actually lead to marriage, which makes it all the more exciting to me!

Justine tells of how they met. “We met through a poke on Facebook -A  mutual friend that I worked with, and is one of Sam’s sister’s close friends. Sam had seen a photo of me with Sylvia and thought I was cute.”

“I love so much about Sam, but if I had to choose a few things. I would say that Sam makes me a better person, he keeps me grounded. Sam listens and respects me, and has a beautiful heart. Kind, loving, generous. I love that we are both creative and can bounce off each other with our ideas. ”

Justine says, “I think there are a lot of funny things about our relationship, but I’m not too sure that anyone else will find it funny. They are more just personal jokes, but the most recent would be that I was asking Sam if he knew the new ne yo song, “let me love you” but I didn’t remember the name, so I tried to sing it… I cannot sing for my life! So I sounded like a broken record, high pitch squealing… I look at Sam’s face which makes me crack up! Coz I already know what he’s going to say.. He said I can never sing that song again! Leave it to Neyo babe… Then we were laughing hysterically. So now every time I hear that song I can’t help but smile.”

“We had talked about getting engaged soon to start the rest of our lives together. Sam had had my ring for a while and was trying to work out a perfect time to do it. We go out for breakfast most Sundays to Borsch on Chapel and this particular morning I had an early freelance makeup job to do, so we went out quite early and when we got there it was closed. Sam looked quiet disappointed by this and was like maybe we should wait till it opens. Coz I think it was opening soon. But I was like what is the point, I’m hungry and I have to work soon. So we start to have a look around and find ourselves in Elwood. I don’t actually remember the place but I remember the food, being such a lover of food I had taken snap shots of our meals. Healthy poached eggs for Sam and a fatty baked bean chorizo baked eggs for me. And like most couples you start talking about the future plans together, and we got onto the subject about getting married and when I’d like to do it….I always liked the number 21 cornet as it is I like it because it symbolizes for me when 2 become 1, I also like the idea of getting married on a Sunday, because Sunday always seem more relaxed. So I had already worked out with my cousin what Sunday 21st would be the best time to get married and we found out there are only 2 dates available, Sunday 21st of April 2013, or Sunday 21st September 2014, I mentioned this to Sam and joked around that if we’d want to get married in April he’d better propose to me very soon! Otherwise I’d have no time to plan! Little did I know he had the box already in his pocket, and he began to move the table arrangements around so he could reach for my left hand, holding my hand he told me that he wants to spend the rest of life with me, and he wants to start that now. Pulling out the box to open it, he revealed my perfect ring. The cut, colour, size was everything I wanted and more, he had paid great attention to detail when I had told him what I liked. Simple yet classic. Of course I said yes! And I retain our excitement till we were in the car to being telling all those near and dear.”


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  • jas says:
    January 12, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    gorgeous photos. I actually had the pleasure of working with Sam for a brief stint this past December and heard of his upcoming wedding to the (oh my god, so gorgeous!) Justine as we’re sharing the month of April as our wedding month. I wish you both lots of happiness and inside jokes!

  • Hilde says:
    January 14, 2013 at 9:14 am

    movie stars, both of them. Send to a casting agency!! 🙂

  • Nerida McMurray says:
    January 14, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Love the shots with the wind – super romantic and I especially like the moody weather 🙂

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