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When Karen and John held their fun South Coast wedding, John came away with these wise words and memories. “Being surrounded by your closest friends and family who had all traveled for the sole purpose of witnessing and celebrating our marriage was a truly humbling experience.

When Kaz arrived and I saw her for the first time standing at the other end of the church poised to journey down the aisle I remember thinking how lucky I was to be marrying her. The ceremony itself was a bit of a blur, but I definitely remember trembling as we exchanged vows and the emotion of our first kiss.”

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“There are a thousand different memories I will keep from the day but the most memorable will always be Karen’s speech. She looked amazing standing in front of the crowd and delivering her thank-you messages before going on to explain all the intimate reasons why she loves me with her usual variety of irony and sense of humour.
After all of the planning, preparation and effort, the day was exactly how we wanted it to be. It was undoubtedly the best day of my life.”

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Photos by Michelle Fiona Photography