Today I want to share a simple way of decorating your reception space with bulk tulips (or any other kind of flowers) from the farmer’s market or grocery store. You will learn how to build an inexpensive construction for a vertical flower arrangement; and since I am all for reusing and creating halfway useful things, there is a photo at the end of this post where you can see how the construction can easily be turned into a one-of-a-kind picture frame to display your favorite photo after the wedding.

You will need:

– plaster of Paris

– plaster rubber cup (or an empty paper cup or tin can or any other container that can be ruined)

– loaf pan

– baking paper

– bamboo skewers

– water

– an old spoon or stick to stir the plaster


1. Protect your work space. Chances are very good that you are going to spill with the plaster, and you don’t want your furniture or carpet to be ruined. Then, line the loaf pan with baking paper.

2. Fill the rubber cup with plaster, add water bit by bit and stir until you have a smooth and creamy paste.

3. Pour the paste into the loaf pan, wait 1-2 minutes until the plaster has slightly hardened, then stick the bamboo skewers into it. Let dry for 15-20 minutes.

4. As you can see, the block doesn’t look too pretty yet and more plaster is required. However, this time you will have to add at least twice as much water than before; you want a “soup” instead of a creamy texture. Pour it into the pan until the pan is half-full and the plaster block is covered completely. Use a bamboo skewer or needle to burst larger bubbles.

 5. Let dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions or at least 24 hours. Then lift it out of the pan and remove the baking  paper.

6. Once the block is completely dry, the color of the plaster will transition from muddy gray to a nice and bright white. If it does not look white after you removed the baking paper, it needs additional drying time.

If you don’t like the irregular structure, you can treat the surface with sanding paper.

7. Now let’s decorate:

Twist the flowers around the skewers in the form of an “S”.  Alternate the direction of the blossom with every flower you add. If necessary, shorten the skewers with pliers.

And that’s it!

No matter if you are going for a casual, modern, rustic or vintage feel, this centerpiece can be used with any theme. And as I already mentioned, it is not limited to tulips; you can use any kind of flowers you want.

After the wedding, simply pinch off the bamboo skewers so that their length matches the measurements of your photo, and attach the photo with a sticker or double sided tape.

Note: I really enjoy working with plaster and clay and that kind of stuff. However, if that’s not your thing, you may use a wooden block instead of creating a plaster block. Simply drill three holes into the wood and attach the bamboo skewers with a dab of hot glue. If you are having an outdoor reception, please be aware though that a wooden block might not be as stable as the plaster block and could easily be blown down by wind.

Ms Gingham says: This would work well with a beach theme as well due to the “earthiness” of the plaster block.

Natascha says: “Owner of the etsy store Ann-Kay Design, I’m a girl from Germany who fell in love with weddings after I started planning my own beach wedding in Florida. Aside from weddings and events I love my husband (of course!), our crazy parakeets, photography, travel, the beach and all things turquoise.”