Cyndall and Ben

I do love the romance of airports, I think it goes back to Love Actually and the thought that so much love is shared – the heartbreaking goodbyes, the romantic hellos. So this shoot from Welsch Photography, styled to 1940s vintage perfection really played up to not only that beautiful romance, but the couple’s own air force history.

Cyndall and Ben decided a vintage style air force theme was just the right fit for their engagement photographs, Cyndall telling us, “Ben is in the Air Force and has so far had four tours in the Middle East, that was our inspiration for our military themed Pre-Wedding shoot. Focusing on a 50’s style welcome home from deployment, Karl has captured this perfectly and his amazing eye for turning falling apart old planes into works of art,  is one of the reasons  we are so excited to have Welsch Photography capture our wedding day!”

Cyndall recalls, “We met on a blind date on valentines day in 2009 and have been together ever since! We spent our first date in a coffee shop, drank at least 5 coffees and just chatted for hours. It was like we had known each other our whole lives..”

Cyndall says, “What’s not to love about Ben, he has supported me in everything I have done for our entire relationship, he’s my best friend, my sounding board and the love of my life.”

Ben recounts their engagement story. “We got engaged 3 days before I went back to the Middle East. I was planning to ask her just before I got on the plane with her family there but as I was packing my gear Cyndall broke down and was crying on the couch, nothing I could do was making her feel better. We were cuddling on the couch and I told her to quit her crying and hang on! I went and got the ring (a 50 dollar wonder I bought a week or so ago, her real ring was bought in the Middle East) and came back out to the living room. She was lying on the couch sobbing and I knelt down and asked her if she would marry me and give me a reason to come back….. Through teary eyes she said yes and proceeded to cry even harder. It didn’t help at all!! She didn’t want me to go even more! ”

Ben says “I love how Cyndall stands by me when I have to be away from her for long periods of time and the way her face lights up when we are together and her smile and her humor and her… I could go on……. ”

Of their photographer. Ben says, ” We both loved the way Karl uses light to turn an ordinary photo into something amazing. If you look around our house a lot of the pictures that we have framed all have that element to them. It’s one of the only things we both agree on! ”