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Hello Dotties 🙂

My last post was a long rant-of-a-thing, so I thought I’d make this one short and sweet. As you all know, we’re having our wedding in the Hunter Valley. I know it’s a popular wedding site (at least, I’ve been told), but I’ve never seen anyone talk about the fabulous Tamburlaine Organic Winery.

Due to my cultural background, my side of the family will be inviting a great number of people. Add onto this my big family, and that equals to a big wedding. Most Hunter Valley venues seat about a maximum of 100, and those that seat any bigger are often self-contained. GP and I were looking for a venue that would give us a seamless open plan environment, which allowed guests to go outside if they needed to (for example, smoking) or stay inside.

We found exactly that at Tamburlaine Organic Winery.

Image by Cavanagh Photography

I’ll admit that I’m a little biased, since that’s the place we booked for our reception, but the people who we’re dealing with at Tamburlaine have been nothing but fantastic. We get prompt, friendly emails, they answer all questions we have, and they’re more than happy to help. The venue itself is rather big, seating a maximum 150, which is hard to find in the Hunter. I’ve seen others, but by far, Tamburlaine gave us the ability to create an open-plan environment for our guests. The deck at the back of the venue juts over a man made lake surrounded by reeds – there’s even a fountain in the middle! The front deck is located in a secluded, bush-like area, where guests will be having pre-dinner canapes and drinks.

And seeing it decorated made all the difference. GP and I decided to visit Tamburlaine on a whim to check if decorations were up. Sure enough, Tamburlaine was getting ready for a wedding reception and GP and I fell in love. It was then and there that we settled with the reception space for our wedding.

And we’re also looking forward to trying out the food and wine. Tamburlaine wines are organic, which means no preservatives and a less-painful-than-usual hangover. The food is apparently delicious, so we’re eager to try out some of the food at the tastings.

All-in-all, we’re uber excited about our choice! I recommend Tamburlaine for those having a big celebration in the Hunter 🙂

Now, off to complete these invitations!

Ms Gingham says: I’m getting so excited for you both while reading about your wedding plans Eileen! Tamburlaine looks beautiful!

Eileen says: “I am a Chinese-Indonesian-Australian getting married to a Dutch-Kiwi. We’ll be having our wedding up in the Hunter Valley and we’re planning it from Sydney. Although our wedding is still more than a year away, we’re trying to plan it now to save the stress later! (We’ll see how that goes). “