During your honeymoon, no doubt shopping is on your list of Things to Do, since those souvenirs become priceless treasures that take you back to your blissful honeymoon getaway. But do add to your shopping list a stunning keepsake box found in a quaint little gift shop, or at an artisan fair or festival, or even in your resort gift shop — like the new Caneel Bay Memory Box above. It doesn’t even have to be a branded ‘keepsake box.’ It could be a jewelry box, or a driftwood box hand-carved by an island crafter, with intricate swirls. In neutral island shades, or bright, festive tones.

In it, you’ll store the little treasures from your honeymoon, like the cork popped from your first champagne toast on the night of your arrival, or the welcome card from the hotel manager — with an inspiring quote or photo of the locale. You might stow in it some shells, sea glass, or stones from your honeymoon haven, or the cocktail napkin from the romantic, torchlit private dinner you enjoyed on the beach… just the two of you.

Speaking of that fabulous, romantic meal, write down what your first honeymoon meal was, from buttery-soft lobster to buttery-soft filet mignon, conch fritters, island honey vegetable dumplings, the tropical fruit torte you shared for dessert. Each detail written down on your suite’s notepad pages gets placed in your memory box, and you have every detail from the most romantic moments of your getaway recorded forever. Honeymoons can be so full of magical moments that it’s easy to get swept away in them, for them all to swirl together and the little things forgotten. The flower your groom placed on your pillow before you came to bed. The tangerine water you sipped before your couple’s massage on the beach. The sea turtle hatchling making his way down the beach to the sea. That rainbow arching over the ocean after a morning rain. The tastes, sounds and smells of an exotic market, and the adventurous edibles you tried. All written down on your note collection, and kept safe forever in your Memory Box.

It needn’t be a large box… a small box can hold tiny paper scrolls of your memories. A hinged clamshell can hold the very first piece of sea glass you found together. Just one item, the first of many firsts to come.

And for each of your future vacations, you’ll make it a new tradition to add a Memory Box to your must-buy list, filling it with treasures from this new adventure. Put on display in your home, these gem-filled boxes bring you back to your honeymoon and other vacations, and on sentimental days in the future, you can sort through them together, reliving the memories. Your kids and grandkids may someday look through them as well. Finding your shells, your love notes, the answers to the thrilling little questions kids can ask about your early days. And you’ll have something truly wonderful to show them.

Ms Gingham says: Such a great idea. Seems obvious but in this age of digital the value of these tactile keepsakes only increases.

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