Have you followed us on Instagram yet (username polkadotbride) ? Instagram is one of my favourite places to hang out on weekends during Spring & summer because my gosh, do I see some beautiful work from wedding vendors! I particularly love following Fox & Rabbit who creates the most beautiful floral arrangements! Based out of Perth, Rebecca and the Fox & Rabbit team continue to amaze me every weekend and make me very jealous of working with such beautiful blooms! I’m so thrilled to have Rebecca on Polka Dot Wisdom today!

Please introduce yourself to us. Who or what inspired you to make floristry your career?

Growing up I had always wanted to be a school teacher just like my mum. Although I had an appreciation for the beauty of flowers, I never dreamt of becoming a florist. In fact, I worked at a florist for a number of years as a shop hand, and still didn’t want to be one!

It wasn’t until I constructed a few weddings in my parents narrow laundry that I fell in love with flowers. The freedom of creating something on my own terms; with my own flare and style, was incomparable. And better yet (to my surprise) people liked what they saw. The more my work brings joy to my clients, the more my passion increases for the construction and creation of such arrangements. It is a glorious cycle.

Image by Still Love Photography

What are your favourite flowers of all, to use?

It is impossible to choose a favourite! We are currently crushing on Peonies as they are in full season swing. What we love most about these puff balls is that the blooms look so different in each stage of opening. From the miniature buds, to the tight balls (that look a bit like bird eggs). From soft pillow-like clouds, to fully opened, centre exposed, blooms as big as your head!

With each new season births the beauty of new flowers that haven’t been around for months. This is always exciting and we look forward to seeing what will pop up at market with every visit.

Is Perth a mecca for flowers – in that you have easier access to Asian flower markets, and a wonderful array of Australian native blooms?

The climate and soil in Perth is very dry. It is not easy to grow flowers here. While basics such as natives, roses, sunflowers, lilies and foliages can thrive in the heat, we get  most of our ‘specialised’ flowers shipped in from over east and over seas.

Image by Bayly and Moore

How can brides use flowers in new ways for their weddings?

There are plenty of ways to accessorise with blooms. Flower crowns are back with a vengeance and I could not be more excited. These beauties can say a lot about your personality. Large blooms across your hair create a bold look for a bride who desires a statement piece. While smaller blooms create a delicate, less obtrusive accessory.

For brides looking for a point of difference, we have made floral necklaces, anklets, arm bands, pins, clips and belts. The possibilities in the ‘floral accessory’ department are endless and we LOVE it!

Do you particularly like using more unusual touches like pods to lend a point of difference to your bouquets?

We love to create depth and character to our bouquets by mixing in different textures, shapes and other non-floral elements.
Our favourites are:
– Variegated or multi tonal flowers
– Nuts, berries and pods
– Textured foliages such as silver suede

Image by CJ Williams

Do many Australian brides base their floral design around Australian native blooms, or are other flowers still more popular?

We are receiving more and more enquiries from brides looking to include native Australian flowers into their wedding. As natives are quite large and harsh in structure, we like to use them against softer blooms to complete a feminine or romantic look, while maintaining the natives as the feature flower.

What are some new ideas you’ve seen for reception venues?

More couples are opting for a large “Wow factor” feature arrangement and simplifying the guest tables.
Some examples are:
– A large entry way display table laden with flowers in lots of different vases. It is the first thing that your guests will see upon entering the reception and leaves quite an impression.
– Hanging or suspended arrangements. A large centrepiece over the dance floor or the bridal table.

Image by Angela Higgins

If the wedding budget is small, what are some effective ways with flowers to create the look the bride desires?

Double up your arrangements as much as possible. Re-use the church pews pieces on guest tables or to decorate the cake, gift table and toilets. Have your florist provide some empty vases with water on the bridal table so that your bouquets can become the centrepiece.

Think about floral accessories. Floral crowns, necklaces and wrist corsages provide a cheaper alternative to bouquets while leaving a lasting impression.

Foliages and feature blooms. Ask your florist to bulk up the foliage and accent with larger, more expensive blooms. Use berries and other non-floral elements to mix up the textures, creating depth and interest to the arrangement.

Image by Still Love Photography

Thank you Rebecca for joining us today on Polka Dot Wisdom. See more of her beautiful work here.

Contact Rebecca through her website, Facebook, telephone 0450 954 613, or email [email protected]

Rebecca’s portrait shot by MKay Photographer