Tonie & Kevin

 A mix of culture when it comes to weddings always intrigues me, so I am thrilled to have the wedding of Tonie and Kevin – a mix of Scottish and Australian traditions to celebrate on Polka Dot Bride today!

Tonie tells their story. “We met whilst working at the same architecture firm. Kevin was in the middle of a round the world trip and after time in North and Central America had decided to stop in Australia to work for 6 months before heading home to Scotland via Asia. Needless to say he never made it home! Although there was a ‘meet the parents’ trip with me in tow that Christmas. ”

Sabii Photography captured the fun, relaxed and romantic photographs today!

Tonie remarks, “We wanted to give guests that had traveled to attend our wedding a real showcase of what Sydney had to offer without the Australiana cliche. Hence we chose vendors that were not only excellent at what they do but had a strong sense of locale. ” The floral arrangements were created by Sticks and Wicks.

Tonie and Kevin were married in Sydney’s botanic gardens, Tonie explains “The venue was chosen for it iconic location as we had many interstate and overseas guests. ”

Tonie remembers “It was a rainy day but I thought is was apt considering the boys were in kilts. However I did splurge on a pair of satin Guiseppue Zanotti pumps that were ruined within the first few hours. We were running extremely late so rushed to get to the aisle and ended up walking down the side of the aisle. This threw off guests, the photographer and the Quartet.”

For the processional Tonie remembers, “We had a string quartet who played Coldplay’s Yellow. One of the first things my bridesmaid said when she met Kevin was how much he looked like Chris Martin. Also, my mum and I had always loved that song so I thought it was apt.”

Of their photographer, Tonie says “Our photographer was wonderful! The morning was completely out of control (one of the vendors was extremely late throwing everything out time wise) however Kim and the team still managed to get some excellent snaps. Also, it was raining on the day but apparently that is good for photographs. I had always loved natural light photography and Kim does it so very well! ”

Tonie and Kevin continued their celebrations at Botanic Gardens Restaurant.

The croquembouche wedding cake was made by Adriano Zumbo.

Tonie remarks “Guest favours were assembled my mum, bridesmaid and myself. Although we can’t take all of the credit, Adriano Zumbo did the actual baking (of macarons).”

Tonie loved… “Kevin in a kilt. A surprise speech from my grandmother. The humorous speech from my mother (in fact all of the speeches). Having all our friends and family there from all different parts of our lives. The party vibe!” And the final funny story of the day? “Kevin need up catching the bouquet! He was on the outskirts but I ended up throwing them directly at him. It was the only thing he could do stop protect himself from a face full of roses. ”

Of their first dance, Tonie remembers, “It was somewhat of a disaster! We had dance lessons in the weeks leading up to the night to learn the foxtrot. As soon as the music started we both knew we were out of our depth so quickly decided on the ‘bridal sway’. It was all fine though as anyone who knows us knows we both have two left feet. We have since seen some pretty funny video footage.”

Congratulations Tonie and Kevin! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Sabii Photography for sharing today’s images