I am a big fan of glitter at Christmas time (or really, year round) and I love how it adds something special to most anything. I love glittered fruit – it can be used as a centrepiece, grouped on a table to the side, hung from the tree and it makes a sparkly decoration for any celebration.

What You’ll Need:

– Mod Podge

– Glitter in your colour choice

– Plastic fruit (I found these pears at Spotlight)

1. In a bowl combine glitter and Mod Podge. I literally pour in the Mod Podge and add a lot of glitter so after mixing I end up with a thick paste. I’ve found making a paste with the glitter, rather than applying the Mod Podge and then glitter, keeps the glitter from falling off.

2. Coat your fruit with the paste. You might start with a thin coat and build up. (The Mod Podge dries clear.)

3. Once the first coat is dry, do a further coat if needed. Don’t stress if the paste is thick, make it as smooth as possible but the imperfect nature of this project adds to the charm.

4. Leave to dry and harden.