Did you spot this gorgeous shoot last week? As well as the pretty timber stationery, I also contributed a couple of lovely crafts for you.

The first one is a sweet ring bowl, perfect for your ceremony and – unlike a ring pillow – you’ll be able to use it long after the big day as a jewellery dish.

1. Roll out a piece of clay on a smooth surface til it’s around 3mm thick and slightly larger than your bowl. You may wish to use a chopping board, baking paper or a baking tray to protect your surface.

2. Place your plate upturned on the clay, being careful not to press down as this will leave an indentation. Cut around the plate template.

3. Carefully peel off the excess clay.

4. Press your stamp into the ink pad.

5. With firm and even pressure, press the stamp into the clay.

6. Carefully lift up the stamp, making sure not to smudge the pattern.

7. Very gently peel the clay circle off the surface, being careful not to pull and distort the shape.

8. Place the clay circle inside a shallow bowl and gently press into its curves to use as a mould. Allow to dry for a few hours (according to packet instructions and weather).

9. When dry, remove from the bowl. Turn upside down and set aside for a further two hours to ensure it is dry all the way through.

10. If there are any rough edges, lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper.

I played around with a few different designs, as you can see there’s a leaf design in the tutorial and a more traditional damask pattern in the first photo. While you’ve got all the supplies handy, it’s easy to do a whole batch, so you could do a jewellery dish as a gift for each of your bridesmaids too.

(Note: The air-dry clay comes out with a blue-grey tinge, so if you’re after a bright white I suggest using an oven-bake clay.)

Photography: Shona Henderson Photography
Styling: ByGabrielle 
Tutorial and tutorial photos: Alicia Parsons of Akimbo 

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Ms Gingham says: I love working with clay, especially when the project is easy to follow and looks super impressive to boot!

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