Grabbed by a friendly, betelnut-stained toothed local who took us to a ‘teashop’ and around temples and markets in a friendly way, we stood out like the only whiteys in the village and it was confronting and fun. Here is that experience, in photographs…


Photography by Natalija Brunovs of I Heart Weddings

Ms Gingham says: The rawness of these images combined with the amazing colour and details capture is really a feast for the eyes. And I could totally go a mee goreng at the moment!

About Natalija: “I have been documenting life photographically since I was 14. I still recall taking my little plastic camera with it’s first roll of black and white film to my local park, capturing the twisting limbs of fig trees, empty swing sets and reflections in reedy water. I subsequently spent much of my time at school in the darkroom. I fell in love with the creation and printing of an image. It was magic.”