Heidi & Christian

The beach is such a beautiful backdrop for Summer engagement shoots- the sand between your toes, the bright blue skies and the curling waves. Photographer Nerida McMurray sent Heidi and Christian’s engagement photos to us which tie in beautifully with this warm (almost Summer!) day!

Heidi tells of how they met. “We met through a mutual friend. We only knew of each other and our mutual friend was really keen to set us up as he thought we would be perfect together. He even suggested a double date but I declined the offer saying its a bit awkward and there’s too much pressure. Christian and l bumped into each other more often, got to know each other better and started dating. We have not looked back since. Thank you to our friend, you were right all along!”

“The proposal was at the beach so we thought a beach shoot would be perfect. We also wanted our pup Milo to be part of it as he was also there during the proposal, half asleep.”

One of their funny memories, was at a wedding! Heidi recalls, “Two years ago, we attended my friend’s wedding and only knew a handful of people. The wedding was held at L’aqua. We started off by having drinks and canapés on the balcony, placed our card into the wishing well and the photographer even took our photo. When it was time to enter the reception, we realised our names were not on the list and we were at the wrong wedding. There were two rooms for L’aqua. We had to ask them to open their wishing well box so we could get our card back.”

“Christian proposed on New Years Eve on Wamberal beach. Before the countdown, we had a few glasses of wine to ease Christian’s nerves. We were sitting on the beach counting down the last 10 seconds of 2011 and Christian suggested l should stand up. I was hesitant at first as l was comfortable but he insisted, saying he had to ask me something. I finally stood up, Christian got down on one knee and popped the question… and l said yes!”