I am such a shoe girl, but I am hideous at walking in high heels. So unglamorous of me but it is a known trait that I will trip and fall at the most public of places. So really, while I have a beautiful collection of shoes, I am most often in flats and in the polka dot office, socks and barefeet!) So it’s been lovely spending time doing this latest roundup of wedding shoes! There are so many absolutely beautiful options out there for your wedding day heels!

I’ve been drawn to metallics in all sorts of ways lately and love the modern, subtle yet bold choice they make as a wedding shoe –  from sequins and glitter to sleek metallic leather.

1. Tessa by Jimmy Choo from Net A Porter 2. Mrs Bliss by Peeptoe Shoes 3. Bewitched by RMK Shoes 4. Sparky by Alan Pinkus 5. Denver by Tony Bianco 6. Electra by Benjamin Adams from Deseo 7. Hondola3 by Guess 8. Queen Rose by Shoe Show

Coloured wedding shoes always make me smile (I’ve been writing about my love of them from very early on!). There’s so much to love about a bright, unexpected burst of colour peeping out from a traditional (or not so traditional!) wedding gown.

1. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragonheart by Melissa 2. Patent orange pump by Shoes Of Prey 3. Steal the show! by Alannah Hill 4. Glitter finish pumps by Miu Miu from Net A Porter 5. Elise by Veralie 6. Acean by Mollini 7. Geezup by Nine West 8. Bobbis12 by Mollini

And finally, the classics. The shoes for the girl who wants her shoes to just be beautifully elegant. They’re classic, they’re gorgeous and they’re every bit “wedding”.


1. Deville by Tony Bianco 2 Karr by Tony Bianco 3. Mattina by Diana Ferrari 4. Eustela by Novo Shoes 5. Larosa from Cinderella Bella  6. Milady by Christian Louboutin from Net A Porter 7. Eset by Novo Shoes 8. Hilary by Cinderella Bella

 What are your favourites? What do your shoes look like? Or are you on the hunt for something special?