Image by Tanya Chesterton Smith via Sally and Andrew’s Vintage Style Noosa Wedding On The Beach

“I promise to make you breakfast in bed every Sunday… I pledge to remain faithful to laughing at your jokes, even if they’re not funny… I vow to love and cherish you, and your three cats, seven chickens and two dogs…”

Gone are the pledges of just ‘til death do us part’ in wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, your vows are really a reflection of you as a couple and what you truly love about each other, even including those mundane things in life that can become a sweet, shared moment; one that can truly make your better half happier!

Times really have changed in the wedding world. That small universe you live in whilst preparing your nuptials is an enormously exciting adventure. Take your time to truly envisage what your dream wedding ceremony is to be. The social festivities await you later! Your ceremony is the celebration of your union as a couple that holds true meaning to your relationship and why you have decided to live together as husband and wife.

So why not ‘go wow’ with your vows with something out of the ordinary, something fresh and funny, that really signifies your life as a growing and  loving duo. As a professional Marriage Celebrant, my speciality is providing a fresh, youthful and personalised approach to your ceremony, one all your family and friends can enjoy too!

Image by Louisa Bailey via Aleisha and Richard’s Laid Back Boyd Baker House Wedding

One of the most magical moments in a wedding ceremony is laughter. Not only does it put you as bride and groom at ease, it really adds a relaxed atmosphere to what can sometimes feel stressful. Avoid those tense shoulders above your strapless gown, and stop those knees from knocking in that tailored suit. Ensure that your vows undeniably mean something to you both and reflect your personality and style.

A unique ceremony is essential to any memorable wedding, which can, of course, still incorporate traditional segments. The choice is yours, as this is one of the most amazing and special days of your life. Why not express to each other, in front of your guests, what your partner in life means to you?  Loving commitments, to being committed to giving the best foot massages, can all be but one promise in your ceremony!

Ms Gingham says: GREAT advice…. I suggest that…. walking the dog, picking up your nail clippings, weeding the garden and sharing the remote control make an appearance in your list of requirements oops, I mean vows you convince your fiance to make.

About Melanie Serafin Civil Marriage Celebrant: Far North Queensland offers breathtaking locations for your special ceremony, from the beaches to the rainforest. Whether your choice is a helicopter ride to secluded cay, sailing the beautiful blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef, or an intimate gathering at one of the many unique venues, I would love to help make your special day a wonderful memory.