Peony Blooms

November is always exciting for me when I remember peonies are in season and tell myself to go and buy the best ones I can find. I visited a florist I love the work of recently and picked up a bouquet of the most amazing peonies – they started out as hot pink and faded to the most beautiful creamy colour. I thought today, for peony season comes but once a year, that I’d write an ode to peonies. They’re much in demand, they’re short seasoned but my, do they bring beauty to my days.

From the creamy whites, that look like fluffy clouds, perfect spheres of cream blissfulness.

1. Form Over Function Photo by Blumenthal Photography 2.Peppermint Sunday 3. Flowers Vasette 4. Sugarbee Flowers 5. Blond Flores 6. Always Fabulous Flowers, Photo by Studio Impressions 7. Green & Bloom Photo by Terri Hanlon Photography 8. Butterfly Philosophy Floral Design Photo by SugarLove Weddings 9.  Designs By Jody Photo by Melissa Schollaert Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

1. Flos Florum 2 Blooming Brides 3. Peppermint Sunday 4. Green & Bloom Photo by Jonas Peterson 5. Vogue Flowers via Australia Entertains, 6. Wunderplant

 Pale pink that reminds me of fairy floss on sticks, the creamy pinkness of spun sugar and the soft, fluffyness that entices you in.

1. Petal & Pod 2. Green & Bloom Photo by Simon Peter Taylor 3. Lush Floral Designs Photo by Krysta Guille Photography 4. Green & Bloom Photo by Simon Peter Taylor 5. Form Over Function Photo by Blumenthal Photography 6. Flos Florum 7. Florette Flower Design Photo by Jose Villa Photography via Style Me Pretty 8. Form Over Function Photo by Bailie Photography

Poho Flowers

The coloured peonies, oh how the coloured peonies are a joy. Starting as one colour and changing day by day as if nature’s paintbrushes paints them while I sleep. Deep burgundy reds, beautiful bright corals, pinks that are as bright as can be.

1. Flowers Vasette 2. Green & Bloom 3. Blond Flores 4. Lavande Designs 5. Blooming Brides 6. Lavande Designs 7. Merci Bouquet 8. JL Designs Photo by Jasmine Star 9. Green & Bloom Photo by Terri Hanlon Photography 10. Sugarbee Flowers


Wedding bouquets are only the beginning when it comes to using peonies at a wedding celebration- decorating with them is the icing on the cake. Single stems in mismatched glass bottles, bunches and blooms mixed with other flowers, event fluffy floral balls cascading from ceilings.

1. Pomp & Splendour 2. On My Hand Photo by Vela Images via Kelsey Genna 3. Form Over Function 4. Blooming Brides 5. Wunderplant

1. Green & Bloom Photo by Simon Peter Taylor 2. Form Over Function Photo by Blumenthal Photography 3. Blooming Brides 4. Lavande Designs 5. Flos Florum 6. Best Buds

And if you’re wanting even more peony inspiration? Check out our Pink Peony Wedding Inspiration Shoot post, it’s one of my favourites for dreams of peonies in my sleep!