Taken from a teeny tiny plane this was the view just before landing on the isolated Epi Island, Vanuatu. When I took the shot I was on ‘Dugong Watch’ as we had flown to swim with the majestic and chumpy sea cows. While I didn’t see any from the plane, I was lucky enough to swim with them amongst the reef, such an amazing experience!

Image by Lisa Michele Burns Photographer

Ms Gingham says: Well that’s the try eye of a professional. My shots from a plane are always lacking depth and never capture what I can see at that time. This photo does all that and is amazing! Lisa will be sharing some more amazing shots over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Lisa Michele Burns Photographer says: “I love my dog and if she could carry a camera and not wag her tail and jump in a frenzy with excitement whenever someone comes near I’d bring her along to every single event as my furry sidekick.”