Mika and James

There is a common misconception that beachy engagement shoots mean floaty dresses, hot days and plenty of ice cream. Mika and James and photographer Nicolle Versteeg have proved that myth wrong with this wintery beach engagement photographs. With glowy light, the beach beckons in Winter, if only to witness it’s intensity that seems to come with cold days and blustery winds.

Mika tells their story. “James and I got engaged in January while on a holiday with a big group of our close friends. We were staying at a big house on the river for New Years and had spent a fun week drinking, eating and generally being silly. We’d gone for a walk down near the water when James asked me to marry him. It was lovely and relaxed and no one else was around, which was special. ”

“We had a big fat engagement party a few months later on the night of our eighth anniversary, which was a happy coincidence. Our wedding will be held in a pretty little garden courtyard next year, which we’re looking forward to already!”

“We’ve had a whole lot of fun growing up together, collecting some wild and wonderful adventures along the way. James loves to tell a joke and have a good laugh and it doesn’t take much to make me giggle – so we’re a good match!”