Lana & Kristian

This shoot is all about a couple who is just in love. No props, no posing, just snuggling against the winter cold. Coming to us from photographer Lucy Spartalis, the shoot took place at Collingwood Children’s Farm in Melbourne and captured the soul of these high school sweethearts.

Lana tells their story. “We went to high school together and were in the same year seven class. We have known each other since we were twelve. We became really good friends and it wasn’t until we started going out that we found out that we had both had a crush on each other since year 7.”

When asked what she loves the most about Kristian, Lana said, “Kristian is the most caring, giving person I have ever met. He always puts himself second and is quick to lend a hand to those who need it. He is generous and warm hearted and makes me feel like the most special person on Earth. He also has a great sense of humour and is so fun to be around. There are so many things that I love about him but if I listed them all, I would be here quite a while! ”

Remembering the proposal, Lana tells, “Kristian organised a picnic on New Years Eve. He packed a beautiful dinner for us. Right on midnight as fireworks started going off around us, he got down on one knee and proposed…very romantic.”

Lana says, “The best thing about our relationship is that we are best friends. We really just love being around each other. ”

What does Kristian love most about Lana? He says, “Lana was that beautiful girl at high school that everybody loved. Every student and every teacher thought she was great. She was also the girl that you also thought was out of your league. Apparently not so. She is the most kind hearted person that brings light and happiness to any dark and gloomy day. She has an undying love for all living things which makes her the most passionate nurturer and the most beautiful life companion.”

Of their engagement photographs with Lucy, Lana remarks “We are both very relaxed, down to Earth people and wanted this to be reflected. Lucy was able to capture this perfectly and really allowed us to bring ourselves to the shoot.”

And what about wedding plans? Lana says, “The 22nd of December, 2012, the day of my (Lana’s) grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. As my grandfather passed away a few years ago, we thought it would be really lovely to celebrate the day with my family. It is especially special for my Nanna who is still here. We decided to get married in the same church too so we are really keeping the tradition going.”