Of deciding on a wedding style (see more of Jess and Luke’s Romantic Garden Party Wedding) Jess advises “Deciding on the theme/style for the wedding was definitely the hardest part for me as I had no idea initially what our wedding would look/feel like and after reading dozens of blogs and magazines and seeing all the beautiful and different styles I became even more confused! It’s almost like inspiration overload! So my advice would be to sit down with your husband to be and talk about what parts of the wedding are important to you both and which parts aren’t so important. Luke and I were really able to narrow down what a wedding means to us and got a feel for how our wedding would be after this so it really helped. The rest just sort of flowed on from there – although I will also suggest that after you have finalised something DO NOT keep looking at other websites of the same thing it will only confuse and stress you out!

Also remember that while your wedding day is a celebration of your commitment and love, your marriage is for the rest of your life so don’t lose focus of what’s important.”

Photos by Boots Photography