Andrew has some beautiful memories of his wedding day that I want to share. (See more at Lucinda and Andrew’s Rainy Lorne Wedding)

“The most memorable moment would of course have to be the moment my beautiful bride stepped through the door of the church. As soon as she entered my eyes could not leave her. Her dress was stunning, it looked to be made from lace and silk, with delicate pearl patterns across it. Her headpiece was interwoven into her beautiful auburn hair, the golden bronze colour of the headpiece matching nicely, and the pearls tying together with her earrings and dress. Prior to that moment, everyone had asked me if I was nervous, but all I had was excitement. Excitement for this moment, for the now. The excitement remained, but was accompanied by the joy, love and happiness that she brought to me then, and I’m sure to every day of our future lives together. The smile has not left my face.”

“The second most memorable moment was after the speeches, when we could relax, and I had a chance to actually take in the moment. The day had come together fantastically, and the reception venue looked great. The flowers decorating our U-Shaped table, and the long waterfall-like flower box in front of us, the bunting waving in the air, that Mum had spent so many hours working on. All our friends and family their smiles lit by the dimmed lights and the soft glow of candle light that adorned the table, their laughter and jolly conversation filling the air. Lucinda’s Mum’s wonderful cake a centrepiece for the room. And my beautiful bride sitting by my side, her smile wide and her eyes filled with adoration. It is a moment I’ll never forget.”

Photos by Harvard Wang