The first image that comes to mind when you say the word WISHING WELL are those old style white wooden wells – very dated. The Wishing Well serves it’s purpose; we need to collect those ‘love letter envelopes’ with the precious money in it. So how can you have a ‘Wishing Well’ Station that is unique?

Recently we created a ‘Love Letter Station’ for Sarah & Steve’s Wedding. The guests had a ball and thought it was very different so we thought we’d share the concept with you today and some tips on how to create it for your wedding.

1. Theme – What is the theme of your wedding? If you don’t have a “theme” is there something that both your and your fiance love? For Sarah and Steve’s we chose their honeymoon destination -Paris. Perhaps you both love music in which case a musical theme would be easy to set up. Make sure it suits the whole style of your wedding as you don’t want the station to look out of place though.

2. The Card Box – You need something for your guests to put the envelopes in. For example, for a country wedding that we are styling we plan to use a galvinised tin bucket but there are many different items you can use such as Suitcases, Birdcages, Wooden creates, Hand crafted boxes, Mirrored money boxes, Baskets, Vases….

3. Element Of Fun – For Sarah and Steve we had blank cards with Love hearts on them so their guests could write a special ‘Love Letter’ and put it in the box.

4. Direction for your guests – If you give your guests a blank piece of paper they will go blank… if you give them a question they will answer it. If you’re having a wishing tree or guest book have different questions on the different cards, or pages. This can be really fun – Who is the better cook?… What actors would play us if our life were a movie? …. Never go a day without?… there are so many questions you could ask and it will be really fun to see what your guests write.

5. Styling – Once you have the ‘BOX’ your cards will go in and your theme – dress the table with items that compliment. For Sarah and Steve we used an Eiffel Tower Vase, a Paris Keepsake Box, Love books, a Bottle with LOVE, vintage card tiles that spelled out LOVE. You can hand make items or even see what items you have around your house.

Have lots of fun with it and your guests will too. It’s about taking a traditional element of the wedding day and tailoring it to you!

Images by Dansk Photography

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Ms Gingham says: Styling is so much fun but it takes careful planning and consideration. Make sure you practice putting it all together before the wedding day and know exactly what you’re using and doing to avoid stress!

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