Your wedding cake can be beautifully embellished with this easy to make and gorgeously romantic edible ruffle rose made form edible sugar based gum paste.

You will need:


1. Knead 100g gum paste until smooth and malleable (100g is enough for 2 ruffle roses).

2. Lightly dust your work surface with corn flour and roll out the gum paste with non-stick rolling pin until very thin (The gum paste should be thin enough that you can just see through it).

3. Press Blossom Cutter firmly into rolled out gum paste to create a blossom cut out. Repeat with all 5 sized blossom cutters.

4. Place Blossom cut out onto flower foam pad and firmly press balling tool around the edge of the blossom to create a ruffled edge. Repeat for all 5 blossom cut outs.

5. Place the 3 largest ruffled blossom cut outs in small bowls that have been lightly dusted with corn flour.

6. Place the 2 smallest ruffled blossom cut outs into small shallow muffin tray that has been lightly dusted with corn flour.

7. Allow blossoms to dry until they hold their shape. Paint a small amount of piping gel into the center of the largest blossom. Place the second largest ruffled blossom on top of the largest ruffled blossom, putting pressure on the center of the rose to ensure the two pieces stick together.

Repeat steps for remaining ruffled blossoms.

8. Paint some piping gel into the center of the ruffled rose (approx. the size of a 5 cent piece). Gently drop silver cachous onto piping gel. Using different sized silver cachous creates a more textured look.

There you have it! All that’s left to do now is position your flower on your cake and admire it!

Images by Mignon and Michelle Mignon Daymond from Cake Face Co. and Michelle Arvaj from Make that Cake

Ms Gingham says: Well, the professionals make it look so easy but with a little practice and this fabulous tutorial maybe we could all master the skill of the ruffled rose!

Mignon from Cake Face says: “I trained as a chef and worked for 15 years before making my first fondant birthday cake for my son and have been pretty much hooked ever since! “