Jarrod and Clare

It was October 2007 and I had just finished off a 5 month American adventure, sunbaking on the beach of Patong, Thailand with old friends. Jarrod, was enjoying a last minute trip with the boys. We were linked (although had never met), through groups from the same town, Geelong. Little did we know we would be on our honeymoon there 4 years later.

It was decided that the 2 groups would meet up for dinner that night, I was sooo sunburnt that I could barely walk, the girls dragged me there in a tuk tuk! Jarrod and I didn’t meet that night, probably because I couldn’t see anything my eyes were even burned!! The next night we all caught up again, when the sunburn had subsided. Jarrod and I danced (he is an AMAZING dancer ha!). At the end of the night, Jarrod wrote his mobile number on a scrap piece of paper, I carried it around in my wallet for the next 2  months travelling, and still carry it in my wallet to this day. When I arrived back from my travels, it wasn’t long before Jarrod and I caught up and dated. Four years down the track we were married, and never happier!

On the morning of our wedding, we were both very calm. It’s a great feeling when you know that you are doing exactly what you should be doing and are exactly where you should be in your life. I stayed at The White House. It was the most amazing place I have ever stayed in. My gosh I loved it, and it was great for photos.

My Dress was a organza fish tail from Raffaele Ciuca. I still love it to this day and wouldn’t change it in a heart beat.

Our day 22-10-11, was just incredible. We were blessed with such an amazing day surrounded with our very favorite people. I am a graphic designer and run my own business “Victor Fox”. My day is usually spent designing wedding invites etc for everyone else – it was quite a challenge designing them for myself. Jarrod was such a great support through the whole process, he did all the behind the scenes, booking and paying, organizing, ringing, purchasing and I got to do what I love and do best- be creative.

Our wedding day was traditional mixed with modern, arty yet simple. I love yellow, and the freshness of green. We had four bridesmaids and groomsmen, our best friends, who made the day such an enjoyable one, and we are just so lucky to have not only them, but the family and friends in our life. Jarrod and the boys suits were from Eddie Elias menswear Geelong. Lainie Brookman was beyond amazing in creating the girls dresses. I had drawn her a few pictures, and she created magic.

We were married in St Peter’s Church in Daylesford. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony. Both of my parents gave me away, Jarrod’s brother was his best man, our sister in law, and cousin did readings. It was lovely. I also walked down the eisle to “Hope has a place” Enya… one of my dad’s favourite songs… he didn’t know anything about it, and it was very special.

After the ceremony, we went up to the forest and gardens in Daylesford, the setting was to die for. We had an awesome photographer- Darren Payne of Bridelicious who understood exactly the feel we were after. I have my great grandma’s fox fur, so he came along for the ride too!

We were having our photos taken when the biggest storm rolled through, lightning, thunder, hail stones, rain, you name it and we were in the forest. I remember thinking at the time that nothing mattered and nothing could ruin this day so just go with it. It was so funny. we had all the party carrying my dress whilst trying to run for cover. One of the groomsmen saw a house, and we all took shelter there. The incredible owners came out and were so excited, we were all offered champagne and sipped on it, laughing as we watched the amazing storm roll over Daylesford. That was one of our favourite memories of the day.

The time after the ceremony and before the reception is just the funnest time, I had this amazing feeling of over whelming happiness and then this excitement for what the rest of the night would bring.

The reception was at The Convent Daylesford, and was one of the best decisions we made. Tina and the girls there bent over backwards for us and nothing was a hassle. I was extremely happy with how it all looked. My great friend Jodie from the Flower Bowl, created magic with her flowers even with my vague description of the flowers… I like “the white ones” or “the ones that look like knot flowers” and “yeah I like that… but not that” (describing two of the exact same flower)… she did an incredible job.

We had different vases with all different types of flowers, berries and leaves on our tables. Jarrod and I also thought it would be a nice idea to write personalised place settings. Each guest got a card with “he says, she says”. Jarrod and I both wrote a message to our guests explaining why we loved them so much and how they were a special part of our lives and day, not just a name on our list. That was a huge hit, and we had lots of tears haha!

We decided on roaming entrees, and roaming desserts. This left much more time for mingling and dancing, which Jarrod and I both love doing. Our first dance was to “This years Love” by David Grey, but quickly changed into a surprise for our guests. The music stopped and Jarrod broke out into a Michael Jackson number, as I said, Jarrod is an amazing dancer. He did the moon walk and all! The music then changed again and myself and my 4 girls did a routine to Rolling in the deep Adele. Everyone loved it, and it was a nice change to what a bride and groom usually decide to do.

It was honestly the best day of our lives, we are so lucky to have the amazing friends and family in our lives to help make it so special.


Ms Gingham says: That gown on you was just perfect Clare! You looked dreamy and gorgeous! Love the stationery and the idea of writing personalised place cards! What a great way to show your love for your guests!

Clare says: “My name is Clare, I am 28 and a graphic designer/illustrator from Geelong Victoria. I run my own graphic design business called Victor Fox. I love yellow and anything clean and simple.”