The rich red apple tea light holders were one of the highlights of the Snow White Wedding Inspiration shoot on Polka Dot Bride this week and I thought what a great DIY project they would be!


What You’ll Need:

– Apples in your choice of colour with a steady, even base. (What about red and green apples for Christmas!)

– Lemon juice

– Tea light candles

– A cookie cutter the same size as your candles or if you’re doing a lot of apple candles, it might be worth investing in a candle carver (I found candle carvers on Amazon, Jane’s Tote and The Candle Carver Company) or a drill with a round drill bit (be extremely careful if using this option).

1. Using your cookie cutter or candle carver, place your shape on the top of the apple, ensuring it is in the centre. Push down to create your shape. If using a cookie cutter, remove it and carve out enough of the apple so your candle can sit without having it’s sides exposed.

2. Pour lemon juice into the hole and let it sit for five minutes being pouring out. This helps the apple not turn brown and keeps your candles fresher for longer.

3. Push your tea light into the hole making sure the edges align with the edge of the hole.

4. Light!

Snow White inspiration shoot photos by Neiyo Sun. Tutorial photos by Polka Dot Bride.