Cakes are as unique as each bride and groom. But have been around for centuries, steeped in tradition and history, here are some interesting facts!

  • The eating of the cake in Roman times symbolised fertility, the smashing of the cake upon the head was performed in the hope she would bear many children!
  • Indian cultures feed each other sweet foods instead of cake to show their love and affection for one another, also to represent that they  are for each other.
  •  In modern culture it is symbolised as the first act that a newly married couple perform together.(no smashing over the head needed here thank god!)

The freezing of the top layer of the cake is also common, and is usually eaten on the first wedding anniversary, which is said to bring good fortune to your marriage, or at the birth of the couple’s first child, whichever comes first.

Here are some tips for freezing your cake:

1. Wrap in freezer paper.
2. Wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap.
3. Place it in a cake box found at cake stores.
4. Tape the box shut and wrap the box itself tightly in several layers of plastic wrap.
5. Place in the freezer.
6. Put the cake in the general area of the refrigerator the day before your anniversary to defrost.
7. Unwrap and devour together on your anniversary.

Until you get to eat the real thing, here’s a visual feast.

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