Top Ten Makeup Tools For Your Wedding Day

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1. Eye Lash Curler. It kills me how many ladies don’t use them, its practically a crime in my book. It’s such a simple piece of equipment yet does such a massive thing. By curling your lashes you’re opening up your whole eye. It’s a must! But not just any curler does the job, Shu Uemura is the one to get. Image from Nordstrom

2. Mascara! Also a must! It adds a dramatic effect with out adding too much makeup to your look. It’s great in the way you can either add a lot (top and bottom in black) or you can keep it subtle by using a little or even using brown. My fave is covergirl… amazing! Image via Covergirl

3. Luminiser. What bride doesn’t want to glow glow glow! In the right places this amazing product can do wonders!!!! My fave is model co. stick. Beautiful… although don’t use too much. You want a gentle glow not a shiny mess. Image from Model Co.

4. False Lashes. I love them.Iif done right. A few individuals are a great way to add to your makeup without looking like a cake face. It’s a little something that adds so much! A few added to the corners of your eye will open your eye area up and give you a gorgeous look. Image is Revlon Beyond Natural eyelashes from Priceline.

5. Blot Powder. I would never go anywhere without it on my wedding day. It takes away the shine but doesn’t add any extra makeup. You can also use blot papers. It depends on what you feel most comfortable using on your own (without your fantastic makeup artist help). Shine Control Blotting Sheets image from Neutrogena

6. Lip gloss/lipstick. Always buy one you can carry with you on the day. The colour your makeup artist uses you can’t take with you so buying one after your trial, after you have discussed what colour is best with your makeup artist is a must! This way you can touch up your lips after every kiss with your new hubby. Lipglass image from Mac Cosmetics

7. Eyeliner –  if you use eyeliner on the day, again you really should buy one for yourself to use throughout the day to touch up. Eye Defining Liquid Eyeliner from Clinique

8. A little compact mirror. Always a good gift to give yourself if you don’t already have one. It’s always helpful to see if you need a quick touch up and you’re not always near a mirror. This way you’re always going to be camera ready on your big day. Kate Spade Sliver Street Hello Sunshine Compact Mirror from Wedding Gifts Direct

9. Moisturiser! Arms, legs anywhere your skin is showing (not face) you want your skin to look its best on the day. So just before you dress it’s always a good idea to give your self a good once over. This way your body looks fresh, healthy and glowy.. (make sure you’re dry before you get your dress on). Korres Guava Body Butter from Kit Cosmetics

10. Nail polish. It’s a good idea, if you have your nails done is a certain colour that you should buy one that matches from the nail salon in case on the day you have a little accident and chip one of your nails. This way you can do a quick little touch up and all is perfect again…. yay! Image from OPI

Also in your bag, you must take… tissues, bandaids, cotton buds, lipgloss/lipstick, mirror, eyeliner, powder/blot papers, panadol, vows??

But above all and no matter what happens… have a great day!!!!!

Ms Gingham says: Love advice from the experts and these top ten tips are just fab!

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  • Polka Dot Bride says:
    September 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Oh BRILLIANT post, especially for me who is a duffer when it comes to beauty! Good to know I’m on the money with my eyelash curler though!



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