Selina and Lenny

The stories from Selina and Lenny’s wedding (which was submitted by the lovely Rose of Rose Zurzolo Couture) evoke thoughts of country wedding celebrations. Selina and Lenny married in the Echuca, Moama region and celebrated their day with an intimate celebration at a local winery.

A snippet from their marriage ceremony tells their story. “In the New Year of 2005 as the story goes, Len and Sel both headed off independently to the Falls Festival to enjoy NYE with friends.

Well…. it wasn’t really independently, because they both had a feeling there was a bit of match making going on! Good friends Rach and Josh had been trying to instigate a meeting for a while and so they were both suspicious, but also excited and interested in meeting.

Len and Sel met on 30th December 2005 and Len tells me that at first sight he was pretty impressed with this very athletic, gorgeous looking girl.   Fortunately for Len, Sel thought he was gorgeous too and they connected easily from the beginning.

Timing wasn’t perfect however as Len was leaving the next week to pursue his football dreams in Brisbane, and Sel had travel and study ambitions to achieve which she knew were going to impact heavily on her plans over the next year or two.

These were difficult times for Sel and Len because although they hadn’t spoken about it, they had already fallen in love.    They kept in contact, Len continued with his training and studies, Sel studied and travelled,  but without it every really being expressed, they both knew in their hearts that they had found someone special, someone in their life they could always trust and always rely on.  They continued happily on their own journeys but their hearts never really left each other.

After 7 months apart, their reunion was smooth and easy and they reunited as if they had never been apart…”

Photographs today are by Mosaic Photography who captured the vintage styling and elegant details of Selina and Lenny’s country wedding beautifully.

Selina loved “Family, friends, the beautiful speeches from our best man and my husband and of course, being able to wear my beautiful, beautiful dress!” Selina wore an elegant gown designed and made by Rose Zurzolo Couture.

Selina recalls “I can remember being so nervous whilst getting ready that I could barely talk for a while and then as soon as I saw Len all that went away and I relaxed completely!  ”

The couple met before the ceremony, Selina explains, We had our photos before the ceremony as we were reluctant to leave our family and friends after the ceremony and miss out on the pre-dinner drinks and the great canapés being served!”

Selina says “The hair and make up process took a little longer than expected and I was actually well behind the schedule I had originally planned in terms of our photo time. But it was not that much of an issue given that we were only eating into our photo time (rather than keeping guests waiting!).  Due to our delay, we decided to stay in Moama for photos (shot at Moama Court House and at a beautiful big tree on riverside) rather than head to Echuca (amongst the traffic) and with Zoe’s knowledge we managed to find some rather special spots for photos so it was of little consequence in the end – which was great!”

Of their photographer, Selina says “Tanya Guvelski of Mosaic Photography was simply great – she was so relaxed and easy going in the lead up and understood what we liked and wanted in terms of timing and photos.  The professionalism and flair of Tanya was so noticeable on the day.  As Tanya was not from the local area, Tanya engaged a local photographer to assist her for a few hours over the ceremony & photo time. It was great having Zoe along with Tanya and they both made our photo session fun and effortless.  ” The couple also had  Zoe Crump of the Art of Zowie assisting their photographer.

Selina explains, “We had only one bridesmaid and groomsman as we wanted to keep things relaxed and easy with no fuss.  Whilst it was very difficult not to have our other closest friends we had a huge bridal table with those people so we were able to really share it with them. ”

Selina walked down the aisle toAngus & Julia Stone, ‘Babylon’.

Selina and Lenny held their wedding at Morrison’s Winery, Moama. Selina explains “We wanted our wedding ceremony to be outdoors as we are very outdoorsy people. We also both love water so it was natural for us to select getting married alongside the Murray River for our wedding. The winery was a gorgeous venue which gave us nature and a relaxed setting which were after.  We were so spoilt to have such beautiful weather with the sun shining all day and the birds chirping when we were getting married.”

Selina and Lenny were married by Wendy Nolan Selina recalls “We chose a real and personal ceremony which captured us as well as how important our friends and family are to us.  I had my beautiful friends Hayley, Adriana give readings near the start of the ceremony.  My sister Jorjina wrote a very moving and personal reading for Len and I and she gave this reading just before the formalities commenced.  It was a great way to lead into exchanging our vows.”

Selina says “A few minor hiccups occurred throughout the day (as with all weddings I’d say) but it is difficult to remember as time passes as those memories fade and only the amazing moments stick in your mind! ”

As favors, guests received boxes of homemade fudge by Sheridan Kate Chenhalls.

The evening continued with Selina and Lenny’s first dance, Selina recalls “We had said all along that we would get lessons for our dance but as time passed the idea of lessons faded.  We had originally selected a song to dance to and had started teaching ourselves a little routine and then driving to work in the two weeks before our wedding we heard a rendition of a Jezabels song on JJJ Like a Version and just loved it.  After calling on a good friend of ours, we managed to get the song downloaded and he did some mix mastering for us.    We danced to Endless Summer by Josh Pyke and Elana Stone.  It was gorgeous song and our little dance routine which we practiced in the week before the wedding was a hit! ”

Congratulations on your marriage Selina and Lenny! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Rose Zurzolo Couture and Mosaic Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!