Our job is to make beautiful wedding films that capture the emotion and joy of your wedding day. This job is made all the more delightful for us when we get a nice clear audio recording of well thought out and heartfelt speeches. After all that is what we are there for, to go beyond what a photographer can capture and give you a living memory of your big day.

With this in mind, we have a favour to ask…help us, help you!!

First, be aware that we do need to put a mic on the groom during the ceremony. Grooms, please don’t freak out about this and just a suggestion: don’t go to the loo with the mic on to relieve last minute nerves…we can hear you! The lapel microphone is so small most people forget they have it on (hence the clear recording we have of one groom emptying the tank before saying “I do”) and is a discreet way of capturing your vows. When saying your vows, speak up and speak clearly with a steady pace. Practice this at home and it will feel natural on the day. If you get emotional, then take a pause and collect yourself before continuing.

An example of some great wedding speeches can be found in the above film by Soda Films

When it comes to speeches… well, where do we begin? There are too many BAD speeches made at weddings. Discuss your expectations with your speakers. There is a fine line between joking around with the bride and groom and making everyone feel awkward. Be sure to tell them that the day is being filmed, they will be less likely to say anything disparaging if you have evidence! The best speeches have been carefully thought out, have a touch of humour and speak from the heart.

The best set up for speeches would have to be a lectern with a microphone. It is amazing how people get into “speech mode” when they stand behind one of these things! They stand still, have somewhere to put their notes (flappy, crumpled paper doesn’t look great on film) and generally direct their voice in the right direction. Oh, and a word to the wise… consider carefully before opening the mic up to the floor. It may seem like a good idea at the time but like a late night kebab, could be regretted in the morning.

 Ms Gingham says: And haven’t we all attended a wedding where you wish the speeches would just stop!

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