Kirsten & David

These gorgeous shots from Aparat Photography do make me miss the cold days of Autumn. They’re so beautifully intimate and cosy (and also feature their beloved dog Rupert).

The couple tell their story. “They both went to school in Geelong, and had a lot of the same friends, but somehow managed to miss out on actually meeting each other until David had left to go to university in Melbourne.

Kirsten was finishing her VCE and in these pre-facebook days the preferred means of communication was using MSN Messenger (remember that?). Bored one day, Kirsten added David to MSN as a friend of a friend and pretended that they knew each other. David attempted to play cool and make out as if he ‘remembered’ all of this, not knowing that he was being made to look rather stupid.”

“Nevertheless, after several more MSN conversations (usually late at night, much to Kirsten’s parents horror and dismay) David contrived to drive to Torquay and meet Kirsten under the pretence of a trip to Anglesea that ‘he was going on anyway’.

They hit it off very quickly and Kirsten caused even more panic to her parents by regularly declaring that she was getting on a train to Melbourne to go meet her new boyfriend. She often did this with about $10 to her name (enough for a return ticket and maybe a hot chocolate) and a promise to her Dad that she would be back ‘soon’.”

“Fast forward a year later and Kirsten’s university aspirations were also bringing her to Melbourne, and so they decided to move in together, along with David’s brother Ben and his now-wife Nicola. From then until now they have been inseparable and have now started their very own family with their first hairy baby boy, Rupert the Portuguese Water Dog.

David and Kirsten’s engagement came as a surprise to virtually no-one – the surprise was really that David took so long to get his act together!”

“David picked Kirsten up from work on the 22nd of December 2010, and asked if she felt like doing anything tonight – maybe some champagne? Kirsten replied she wasn’t really in the mood, although maybe some cider would be nice. When they arrived home, arrows made from rose petals pointed to a chair sitting next to a table covered in candles and photos of the couple – David asked Kirsten to sit, lowered to one knee, declared his everlasting love and asked for her hand in marriage. She of course, agreed, before they both broke into tears.

Kirsten then declared that perhaps champagne would be OK.”