When it comes to wedding planning the groom has it pretty easy. The bride will usually take charge as she’s dreamed about her perfect wedding day in minute detail for years and it really isn’t worth the groom trying to interject with his pearls of wisdom no matter how useful he thinks they might be. The result is the groom’s responsibilities being marginalised. Personally I’d like to see the balance evened out, but then again I’d also like to experience time travel and the latter is probably more realistic during my lifetime. So for now, lucky groom.

It gets even better for the guys. One of the tasks they are usually charged with is organising the honeymoon. As in the best – holiday – ever. How good is that?

Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Charleroi Leather Holdall Weekend Bag from Mr Porter

If you’re in this situation then you’ve undoubtedly had a marvellous time checking out the best hotels on the planet and deciding which infinity pool you’ll look best in whilst sipping on a cocktail. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you’ve booked the destination, hotel and flights you can sit back on your laurels and think it’s job done. Attention to detail is everything and that includes the journey from the airport to the hotel. Whether you’ve booked a trip to the Amalfi Coast or the Maldives (no pressure) and regardless of your travel wardrobe you should avoid rocking up to the airline or hotel check in desk with a sports holdall looking like you’ve turned up for your weekend footy practice. To look the quintessential newlywed (and thus maximise the chance of upgrades and VIP treatment) you should be holding luggage in one hand that’s just slightly less beautiful than the new wife in your other hand.

I’m not talking suitcases here (those are for the porters to take care of), I’m talking man bags. Now firmly established as the workhorse accessory of male commuters and high flying entrepreneurs everywhere, a new level of luxury man bag has emerged: the statement bag whose design and detailing speaks volumes about the man carrying it. A peek at Mr Porter, my favourite shopping portal, reveals a multitude of high end labels who have focused intensely on designing bags of all shapes, sizes and materials. And if you follow the men’s style category on Flipboard you’ll see new designs emerging every day.

But if there’s one brand that has led the way it’s WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Apart from creating the longest brand name I’ve ever encountered, brothers Dexter and Byron Peart have also set the benchmark for beautiful bags that blend functionality with classic style. A signature touch is that each design is named after an airport, reflecting the needs and lifestyles of their jet-setting customers, and one of the most popular models is the O’Hare.

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie O’Hare Woven-Cotton Tote Bag from Mr Porter

As the proud owner of an O’Hare I can testify to its fine assembly of leather and fabric that draws admiring glances whichever hand or shoulder it’s adorning. Here are the Peart brothers to explain their philosophy on the perfect bag:

I’ve always loved Sir Paul Smith’s quirky touches and his latest bags have a signature splash of colour;

Paul Smith Leather and Felt Backpack from Mr Porter

Closer to home, Crumpler is one of my favourite Aussie brands and their funky camera bags and luggage have travelled the world with me:

Boston Heist from Crumpler

Of course there’s no point carrying an empty bag but fortunately you can feed it with a smorgasbord of matching accessories such as Dopp kits, iPad cases, wallets and money clips. And when you’ve reached your destination the versatility of your bag will come into play whether you’re heading to the beach, exploring the local markets or heading out for a day trip.

So planning a honeymoon with style does require a little more work than expected, but it’s totes good.

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